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Contract Marriage With Mysterious President novel Chapter 15

Amy was sleeping soundly and felt someone was caressing her body and then she smelled the fragrance of cool mint from him.

The next second, her clothes was taken off by him easily and his hand was warm and lingering on her breast.

She wanted to struggle but then she remembered that they had already got married and he had the right to have sex with her.

He was kissing her neck and she couldn’t help moaning, stroking his hair. The light was off, so she couldn’t see his face clearly but his hair was short and soft.

“You are... emmm...my husband. But why don’t you show me your face?”

“I don’t want to scare you.” Richard answered briefly and was focused on caressing her thigh.

He didn’t know what was happening to him. Since he had sex with her the first time in his life, he was attracted to her. Even when he was working, he couldn’t help missing Amy’s body.

He was twenty-eight years old and Amy was his first woman. Come on, no one would ever believe that.

‘He doesn’t want to scare me, haha..’ Amy laughed out.

While Richard was unhappy to hear Amy’s laugh. Shouldn't she be focused on having sex like him? But why was she laughing?

“Why are you laughing? Focus!” he was busy having sex and she was laughing!

“You will never scare me even if you are very ugly. Some people may look handsome but are vicious inside. They are truly horrifying.” Amy was talking about Matt, that bastard.

Matt had a handsome look but he was a true jerk.

Richard stopped kissing her and became a little disappointed. He knew Amy was comparing him with Matt. But seriously? How could that jerk ever compete with him? Besides, what were they doing now? They were having sex, and she was still thinking about her ex. She must be joking, right?


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