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Contract Marriage With Mysterious President novel Chapter 18

The sarcastic couple didn’t annoyed Amy. She just ignored them. But she couldn’t help regretting marrying him before. ‘Was I blind? How could I marry such a bastard? Fortunately we’ve divorced; otherwise, if we have a child, I would rather go to hell.’

“Amy, don’t be sad anymore.” Gina raised her voice to the sales assistant as she saw Amy’s shabby ring, “Oh, please show me all the beautiful diamond rings that you have in here. I want to pick the most beautiful one.”

Robin saw all this after coming back from the cashier. The calm Amy amazed him. She didn’t even bother with the sarcastic couple.

Robin kept watching what would happen.

At Gina’s words, the sales assistant took out all the huge diamond rings hurriedly.

At this moment, Amy stood up to wear a ring.

“Wait, Amy, just stay here to help me pick one. Which suits me best?” Gina was still speaking sarcastically to Amy.

Amy took a cold glance at Gina.

“That’s right, Madam. You better not go. You’ve left something here.” The hall manager said to Amy hastily, and asked someone to take out four new collections of diamond rings, shining bright.

Amy was stunned by these. She couldn’t afford any plain one, let alone these elaborate ones.

“Madam, what do you think of these? The master bought you all these as gifts.” Robin stood behind Amy and said with respect.

Hearing these, Gina and Matt were dumbfounded.

Gina stared at the fancy rings jealously. Matt angrily headed to Amy as if to drag her over. But Robin stopped him.

“Amy, you bitch cheated on me? With this old guy? How shameless!” Matt cursed Amy.

“Amy, you just divorced Matt, and couldn’t wait to hit on an old man. I never thought you could be such a slut.” Gina scolded mockingly as she wanted to win a round against Amy. Since childhood, Amy was superior to her in many aspects. She swore to herself to take everything from Amy.


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