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His Purchased Wife novel Chapter 10

She was his dad's friend's daughter. As if destiny wanted them to end up together. Well, Liam Knight didn't believe in Destiny, God or anything but seeing her he turned into a believer.

He would have met her sooner but couldn't, business came between them. He couldn't ignore business after all, he was going to be the next boss of the Montreal crime family.

Liam Knight was a man with perception. He wants something, he gets it, no matter what price he has to pay for that. When he came back after cleaning the weeds in his territory what his man told him Aurora made him insane with a feeling he never felt before.

Jealousy! Yes, Liam knight was jealous and he knew that now, no one could stop him from acquiring the girl who ignited this feeling in him. He would have used some different method but couldn't because of Ethan Kings. The man he respected like his father. Yes, he couldn't just bring her here. So he decided to try a different route. He asked his father to form an alliance with Ethan kings, his father was stunned hearing Liam but he knew there was nothing he could do.

He talked with Ethan about the arrangement and Ethan was happy about the prospect of Liam marrying Aurora. He was worried about her safety now that Maxicans are trying to get their hold on his territory once again. He knew no one could protect Aurora better than Liam.

He was a killing machine, Ethan accepted the proposal with a happy face. Now Aurora Kings was in Liam's grip still, he was not satisfied. His whole self was burning in rage, he wanted to smash something.

His girl, his would be wife, was spending time with a low life Restaurant owner. He couldn't tolerate that, he wanted to kill that man but what stoped him was the truce with Ethan. He couldn't kill in his territory even if he want to. He was even angry about the prospect of Aurora walking alone on roads with that son of a bitch without any guard

He took Ethan as an intelligent man but where his daughter was concerned he overlooked things. The girl was paniled and it needed to be changed. He decided that since married she would have to live with rules, Rules set by him!

Liam gritted his jaw in anger when he eyed the picture of his would-be acquisition walking in some shopping centre, hand in hand, smile staring at each other as if sun bloody rose from his.

His eye started twitching in anger, his hand turned into a fist. He was trying to control his anger, trying really hard but couldn't. Image of Aurora with that low life bastard bed made him so furious that he couldn't control the rage inside him anymore and threw the Ipad against the wall which broke.

He stood up abruptly and looked around, searching his stress ball. He started pressing hard in his fist imagining it was not a ball but that bastard's neck which he was breaking.

It was when his phone buzzed, he checked the caller I'd and found that his right hand man, Jay was calling him.

He accepted the call. "Speak."

"Sir, the man declined paying the loan."

He cocked his head to one side, chuckling slightly. "Where is he right now?" Liam asked Jay.

"In the Golf park, playing Golf with his father." Jay replied.

Liam ended the call and threw his stress ball away, he got a new toy to release stress today. Checking his appearance in the mirror he went out. He might be going to kill someone but still appearances matter a lot. They tell about the class of a man and Liam knight didn't belong to any class. He is the Class!

His driver was waiting for him, seeing Liam, he opened the door and Liam settled inside, opening the button of his suit. It took him thirty minutes to reach The Golf Park. For thirty minutes he was clenching and unclenching his hand.

The car stopped, Driver opened the door and Liam Knight stepped out of his car. Jay was already waiting for Liam at the entrance field.

"Where?" Liam asked.

"In the north west park sir." Jay replied.

Liam walked towards the north west park without any hurry. Jay followed behind him but of course he knew that his boss needed no help in handling a rich brat.

When Liam reached there he saw that the man who took money from him was playing Golf with his father without a single flicker of tension.

That irked Liam even more, the man not only took money from him but also declined paying and he was playing Golf! Golf! Without any worry about paying it back.

He sprinted towards the father son duo and gave them a sinister smile.

"Mind If I join the match?" He asked, raising a brow.

"Mr knight, what are you doing here?" Santino asked him, shocked to see Liam there. Santino knew Liam for a long time. He was the one who had his election ticket. It was a give or take relationship. Knights paid for his Election campaign and in return he did what he could for them that was lobbying for them. But Santino was wise enough not to be in his contact when nit needed and today seeing the heir of Montreal crime family here shocked him to the core.

Liam's eyes were focussed on Santino's son who turned pale seeing Liam. "Why don't you ask this question to your son, Santino?" Liam nodded at his son who gulped.

"Ask my son, what exactly Mr Knight?"

Liam's lips tugged upwards. He walked further and stretched his hand for the Golf club. Santino handed him to Liam.

Liam eyes the ball on the ground, nodding at Santino to step aside. Took his position to make a shot. His eyes were focussed on the goal, "ask your son when he will pay me my money back because I am losing my patience, Santino."

Liam checked the distance, and finally he made the shot. The ball went straight to the hole making Liam smile.

"What money? Ray. What is Mr Knight talking about?" Santiago asked his son who shook his head from left to right denying the accusation. " he is lying dad…"

And Liam Knight lost his shit! He hit Ray in the stomach so hard with the Golf Club that blood oozed from his mouth. "What did you say? Speak again!" He demanded hitting him on the shoulder with the Gold club.

"Mr knight…" Santino screamed in anger. Liam glared at him and he stopped in his tracks. The look of Liam's face scared him senseless.

Liam kicked Ray in the head, Ray screamed in pain, he was wiggling in the ground like a fish without water. Trailing here and there in agony of pain when Liam hit him hard on the knee joint. "You thought swallowing my money was easy, hmm!" He kicked him again right on the ligaments.

Ray was near losing consciousness. Liam sat down to his level and grabbed his hair, yanking his head upward he glared into his half closed eyes. "Pay me with seventy percent interest now or I won't leave you with a mere warning."

He stood up, Jay gave him a sanitised mapping to clean his hands. He looked at Santino, "i left him alive because of our relationship Santino. Make the payment till tomorrow afternoon or this time it would not only be him who was going to pay."

Liam gave him a curt nod and walked out of the club. His mind went to Aurora once again and he smirked.

Liam knight wants Aurora knight, have her he will. If she comes to him willingly, good, if not, fear was the beautiful tool because there was no one who was not scared of him. If he wanted to catch someone, there was no way he could not. This was due to his way of thinking and his train of thought

Liam was going back to his house, his mind still focused on Aurora, it was when he received a call from his father. A small smile appeared on his lips, his little bird was about to get caged in his golden prison. He accepted the call, scrolling the green icon.

"Is it a yes, dad?" He asked without even bothering about greeting his father.


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