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His Purchased Wife novel Chapter 11

Aurora POV:-

"The Number you are trying to call is not reachable, please try again later…"

I ended the call and threw the phone away in anger. It's been two hours since I was trying to call him but his phone was out of network coverage. I felt suffocated without talking with him and remembering what I said to him. I felt even more bad and guilty about the words I said to him.

"What happened, babe? You look sad!" Susan asked, closing the door behind her as she sat down on the bed beside me. I facepalmed myself and sighed deeply.

"I fought with Gabe and now his phone is out of network. I don't know what to do, Susan. I just want to hear his voice and apologise to him for the way I behaved."

"Have you freaking lost your mind, Aurora Kings!!" She shouted, making me flinch at the violence in her voice. I gasped and turned towards her, "What?" I asked.

She pinched her like in a thin line. "You are an idiot Aurora. Don't you know the rules of dating a man?" She asked, raising her brows in questions.

I scrunch my nose as my brows pull together. "What Rules?" I asked her.

"What rules!" She put a hand on her chest dramatically. I rolled my eyes at the drama she was doing when I was serious. "Susan, please stop this drama, I am serious and not interested in your acts."

"Girl shut up alright! You are really dumb when it comes to dating. How will you survive in this patriarchal society of dating if you don't even know the basic rules! But don't worry, Susan is here to guide you in every step of your life…"

She patted her back, "well I think I could make a career as a Love Guru but of course that's the talk for some other time now I have to focus on you. Now, Listen to me carefully, Aurora."

She made me look directly into her eyes. raise my brows in curiosity over what she would say.

"There are certain rules in the dating world which every girl must know. Rule no. 1: When you fight with your partner, Never and I mean never apologise to him first. It boosts their ego and once you apologise you have to do it every time you fight."

"Are you telling me that I should not apologise to him?"

She nodded. "Yes, dumbo! You should not."

"But it was my fault that he asked me to leave, Susan. I said such mean words to him that even I would not forgive myself let alone him. I should apologise to him… no I will apologise to him as soon as he accepts my call."

She showed me her hand, "girl, you will not call him anymore. Stop giving him such importance when he didn't give you the same. He could have called you but he didn't because of some mean words c'mon Aurora!! we say mean words to each other all the time. Big deal! We still talk to each other."

I sighed, slumping my shoulders. It will take me a whole life to make Susan understand the depth of the situation. She thinks that my relationship with Gabe was like her but unlike her, I am serious about Gabe when she is anything but serious about her nth number of boyfriends. She won't understand the pain I was going through right now. So I just sat there silently and listened to the rules she told me about dating.


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