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His Purchased Wife novel Chapter 13

Aurora POV:-

"Good evening, Mrs Dolan!" I greeted, kissing her soft cheek. She was baking pumpkin pies. Sniffing the aroma I was lost. "Hmm! They smell so good Mrs Dolan." I tried to steal a piece but she slapped my hand.

"Ow!" I rubbed where she hit me.

"For the guest, go and change. You have to be present at the dinner table.

I frowned. " wait! Who is coming for dinner? I have invited a guest myself, Mrs Dolan…" I asked her.

"Then Cancel it Aurora, your dada's guest has already arrived and he is an important person. Ethan won't like it if you invite one of your friends for dinner tonight!"

"I didn't invite a friend but someone special, Mrs Dolan and who is this guest for whom you want me to cancel my invitation?" I asked her.

She didn't speak for a while and left a deep breath she was holding. "Liam Knight is here to meet your dad. He is with your dad right now in his office and your dad asked me to inform you about the dinner tonight…"

And I didn't need to listen anymore. I was dumbstruck! "I flat out said no to meet that man, Mrs Dolan! How could dad invite him here?" I almost shouted?

Mrs Dolan glared at me. "Down your tone young lady! And for your information, Ethan didn't invite him, he came to meet your dad himself. So stop this brattish behaviour and change into a nice dress to host the dinner table." She ordered me by crossing her hands to her chest.

I gritted my teeth. "I won't!" I told her thumping a foot on the floor. "And as far as Liam or whatever his name is concerned I will finish the topic with him itself. He needs to learn that we don't live in a Machiavellian era anymore, but in a modern world and here arranged marriages cease to exist."

I turned on my heel and sprinted towards dad's office. Not bothering with a knock I opened the door with a loud thud. Two pairs of eyes turned towards the source of the noise.

Dad looked confused but the man sitting across from him looked angry. His eyes were hard and his posture stiff. "Dad, I need to talk with you."

I said not even glancing at that barbarian. "Aurora, I am busy right now darling!"

I crossed my hands to my chest. "Now, dad! I want to talk to you right now." I demanded and Dad sighed but before dad could speak that monster spoke up.

"We are in between some important talk…"

And I was in a rage. Who the hell does he think he is? Here I was talking to my dad, who was he to interrupt us?

"Excuse me! But I am talking to my dad, not you, so if you don't mind, shut up and let my dad talk!" I snapped at him, crossing my hands to my chest.


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