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His Purchased Wife novel Chapter 14

For the first time in my life, dad didn't wipe my tears and hugged me. Still, I gulped and continued. "I invited my fiance to meet with you tonight for dinner."

His eyes turned wide, "what did you say?" He demanded.

"Yes, I got engaged today dad, his name is Gabriel and I love him," I informed him, meeting his gaze head-on.

"Stop this childish act and tell me clearly who this man is? What does he do! I want to know everything about him, Aurora, I won't let any gold digger come in a ten-meter radius with you."

"He is not a gold digger, dad. He is earning well on his own and we both love each other." I stressed on the word love while looking into his eyes to show him how serious I was about Gabe.

He continued staring at me for a long moment of time. "I want to meet this man!" He said, sharpening his eyes.

I shrugged my shoulders and crossed my hands to my chest. "I already invited him to dinner tonight. He will be here in two hours."

I found a sudden change in dad's energy. His body stiffened hearing my words. I thought he would be angry but contrary to my beliefs he said something unexpected. "Alright! Let's meet this fiancee of yours, my baby."

I was stunned. "You...you will meet him, dad?" I asked, unable to believe that he said that when a moment ago he was ready to start a war with Gabe.

He smiled warmly. "Yes, you have no idea how special you are to me, Aurora. I can do anything for you, anything my baby."

My heart melted at his words. I knew how much he loves me. My dad was my life, he can do anything for me and I can do anything for him too. We were always like this even with mom. Whenever she used to get angry with me I ran to dad's office and hid behind his chair while mom used to scold him for spoiling me but dad being the dad he always coaxed mom and helped me.

"I love you, dad…" I went in his arms and hugged him tightly. "I am so sorry for talking like this but I was angry at that pathetic man, not you. Please forgive your Aurora." I whispered in his chest.

He rubbed his hand on my hair, whispering warm words. "My baby, my sweet baby. It's okay, come on now, let me do some work, you go and change into something presentable for dinner. And I keep my guns ready for the man who is coming to snatch my princess away from me."

I giggled in his chest. "Na! I will live with my dada, forever." I called him Dada like I used to call him when I was a child. He kissed my hair and broke our hug. "Go now, darling."

I smiled and missed his cheek before walking out of his office. I went to my room and called Gabe who picked up the first ring.

"Did you talk with your dad?" He asked immediately without even bothering with a hello.


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