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His Purchased Wife novel Chapter 17

"Stop right there Mr Kings. I might not have billions in my bank account like you but still, I earn well with my restaurant. You raised her like a princess and I will make her my queen. She loves me and I love her, I don't care what anyone else thinks about us or our relationship, for me she is the one that matters the most, her happiness. So if you're looking for some man who will accept this cheque from you, sorry to disappoint you but you didn't have enough money to buy my love for your daughter."

"You…." Dad took a step in his direction and I couldn't stand there anymore. So I walked inside with a smile on my face pretending I didn't hear anything they were talking about.

"Dad…" And he stopped, turned around and smiled at me. I walked and stood beside Gabe, "What were you both talking about?" I asked casually, passing a smile to both of them.

Dad raised his eyes to Gabe. "Nothing we were talking about football, love. We both like different clubs." Gave replied, meeting Dad's gaze. I gazed at both of them and I saw dad giving a node to Gabe.

My baby! He was trying to save Dad and my relationship. His respect in my eyes increased tenfold on the other hand I decided that I needed to talk to dad. He needs to respect my decision and accept Gabe in my life now.

Finally, Mrs Dolan came there and asked about dinner. "Yes, I am really hungry, Mrs Dolan."

We all sat for dinner and even there I could feel the uneasiness in the atmosphere. But bravo to both Gabe's and Dad's performance. They both tried to initiate a conversation with me and each other. I know they both love me. I know they both want my happiness and of course, both were behaving like stubborn fools.

Uh! May God give me enough strength to handle these two thick-headed men. I need to do Yoga for strength and patience to deal with these adult wannabe children.

Anyhow, the dinner ended and dad was the first to stand up. He stretched his hand, and Gabe accepted it.

"It was nice meeting you, Mr James." He said, watching Gabe with calculating eyes. Dad glanced my way and something shifted in his gaze.

"Drop your fiance to the door, Aurora. I have some important work to do." Dad nodded at me and gave one more glance to Gabe. He turned his back and walked downwards to his office.

*uff* I huffed and raised my brows at Gabe. "I am sorry…" I whispered silently.

Gabe's brows pulled together. He pulled me towards him, our bodies touching each other, I gasped at the sudden motion. "Gabe…"


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