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His Purchased Wife novel Chapter 16

"Dad, meet Gabriel and Gabe, he is my dad." I introduced the two most important men in my life.

Gabe offered his hand to dad who didn't hold it but was looking at Gabe, assessing him from head to toe.

I shrank my eyes in embarrassment. Dad! Why are you being so obvious about it?

Sighing I cleared my throat and dad finally accepted Gabe's stretched out hand. "It's nice meeting you sir."

Dad didn't reply, only gave him a curt nod. "Please have a seat Mr…"

"James but you can call me Gabrielle…"

"I prefer Mr James, thank you."

Okay! So dad was not going to be easy on him. I need to intervene or there would be a world war three and the cause of that would be the Aurora Kings.

"Did I tell you that Gabe is an excellent chef, Dad?" I tried to start a conversation that did not include certain death glares.

Gabe patted my hand once and squeezed it as if he understood what I was trying to do.

"Hm! You did not, darling but now that you told me I am sure Mr James would like to tell me more about himself and his business." Dad spoke glancing in Gabe's direction while Gabe being Gabe didn't lower his eyes and met his gaze head-on.

Wow! I never expected their meeting would be like this. One could cut the tension in this room with a knife.

"Certainly, I will tell you whatever you want to ask about me Mr Knights," Gabe answered, staring at dad without even blinking once.

Dad leaned back and crossed his one leg over his knee, he turned his eyes in my direction. "Aurora, darling, why don't you go and help Mrs Dolan with the dinner table. I am sure she would need your help till then let us both have a man to man talk."

I stiffened, "dad…" I never expected my dad to behave like this with my fiance.

I would have said something else but Gabe gave my hand another squeeze, I turned my eyes to him and he nodded at me. He was asking me to leave so that he could speak with my dad.

I gulped in anger. I walked to dad and hugged him "don't forget I love his dada! I used the words Dada, the word which I use when I want something and dad didn't want it. Dad shook his head as if he was disappointed about something but I didn't care. He started giving attitude to Gabe and I am just standing beside my love.

I kissed dad's cheek to show that he was still the best man in my life but my love for Gabe was also not less than the love I have for him. Passing a smile to Gabe I walked out of the living area and went to the kitchen.


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