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His Purchased Wife novel Chapter 19

"Aurora Kings, we did it!"

And I sat down on the bed, my sleep formally ruined with my assistants screaming over the phone.

I managed to sit up while rubbing my eye to get rid of the sleep. "Emily Smith, have you looked at the time, it's 2 AM. What was so important that you couldn't wait till the morning? Or at least for a civilised hour, two in the morning! Girl, you ruined my beauty sleep." I muttered in anger as I stood up and went to the mirror checking if I had any baggage under my eyes.

Yup! I take my beauty really seriously.

"To hell with your beauty sleep Aurora, You will scream louder than me when I tell you what exactly happenedy

I rolled my eyes, she was talking as if we got selected in my Miss Worlds. beauty pageant.

"What happened Emily?" I asked.

"My dear Aurora kings, We got selected for the world’s biggest jewellery show. Oh My God, I can’t believe our designer house got such a big opportunity."

I frowned. "What! But how is that possible Em! We never participated in any show?"

"Well," she cleared her throat and took a dramatic pause before speaking again. "It was me who sent your designs to them, as your last design was unique in itself. And I thought why not give it a try."

"Seriously, you did it, without asking me?" I was shocked. How could she do that!

"I know I should’ve asked you, but at that time, we were running short of time, so I sent it urgently and forgot to ask you. Please don’t be angry Aurora, and see we got such a unique opportunity, isn’t it?" She said, When I remained silent she started speaking again.

"Please don't be like this, Aurora. It's a great opportunity for us. Many big Jewelry designers crave to be in this show but we got this opportunity. Can you believe it? You know, in excitement, I’m still pinching my arm as I think it’s a dream in which all these things are possible. Damn! I can’t believe luck has done such a huge favour. If we win this show, our Jewellery house will be recognised just like Tiffany and many renowned and well-known personalities of the world will get associated with us."

"Just imagine, our dream of having our own brand will come true if we win this show. We would do it on our own, Aurora, you will do it on your own."

I didn't know what to feel. I was nervous, excited, happy and everything. A shiver ran down my body imagining Emily's excitement. I wanted to believe it but couldn't. There was an nth number of emotions running in my mind right now.

"Oh Aurora, If we win this show we could be the next, Belle or Tiffany's…"


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