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His Purchased Wife novel Chapter 20

"This again…" she whispered but I heard her. "Aurora, Gabe is not going anywhere but this opportunity will. You see if you didn't sign the contract till tomorrow, they will replace you with someone else. There are thousands of people who are dying to grab this opportunity, and here you are thinking about it."

I closed my eyes, trying to make a decision and the scene of Gabe telling me about washing dishes in his restaurant appeared like a dream or I Say nightmare.

I opened my eyes, determined. "I am ready Emily. Send me the contract and I will sign it."

"Bravo! So I have already shown it to our lawyer, and Anderson is pretty much okay with it. No need to go through it again, just sign it and then we are off to Vancouver, baby."

"Wow! Just thinking about winning the contest is like a dream to me…" she squealed over the phone.

Even my tummy fluttered in excitement." oh and yes, I am standing outside your home, open the damn door, sweetheart."

I walked downstairs and opened the door. There stood my agent, manager, or whatever you call it. She stepped in and I hugged her tightly in excitement. "I can't believe it, Emily." I almost screamed in happiness.

"Wait till you win it, babe…"

I nodded because I couldn't find the words to explain my feeling. We both walked to the living room and settled on the sofa.

"Want something, water or coffee…" I asked her out of hospitality.

"Coffee would be great but of course you don't know how to make one so I'll pass the offer because I don't want to make it myself." She mocked me and I pouted.

"Well, servants are sleeping and I don't want to disturb them because a guest appeared at the ungodly hour so sue me! At least I asked."

She rolled her eyes. "Hm! Anyway, leave our jabs for another time and sign it so that I can send it to sponsors." She said give me a rich leather folder which has the contract inside it. My eyes sparkled seeing the Logo of The Belle on it. My favourite jewellery brand!

"Sign it, girl!"

I didn't think twice before signing it. It was like a dream to me. If I win this I would be working with them, The Belle! I could work with Rawl, the man who's designs are an inspiration for me.

And without thinking about it again I signed the contract.

Emily clapped. "Here we come to Vancouver!" She chirped.

I nodded as we high five each other.

"What the hell is going on here?" We heard a startled voice of none other than Susan. We both looked at the walking figure of Susan as she came to us and stood with a hand on her hips, raising her brows in question.

"Hey, bitch!" Emily greeted Susan who rolled her eyes at her and gave her a middle finger. "Fuc* you!"

"I am all in…" Emily teased Susan who gave her a disgusting look. Then she turned towards me and raised her brows in askance.

"What is going on here, Aurora?"

I sighed and told her everything. She blinked, once, twice and then let out an ear wrenching scream putting both her hands to her cheeks, her eyes as wide as saucers and mouth hunger open while she jumped up and down on the floor.


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