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His Purchased Wife novel Chapter 3

Liam eyed the huge table between him and Ethan. He was truly the man everyone said he was, cruel and brutal. No exaggeration, the man was the dark king of Churchill through and through.

The respect he had for Ethan increased at this moment. After his father, he might be the only man who impressed Liam with his darkness.

The same darkness which was inside him.

The other man eyed Liam, assessing not only his body but soul too. Liam's confidence ingrained Ethan, he could see the same madness he once saw in his own eyes. There was only one thing different, today Ethan's body was on high alert.

Oh, No, Not because he feared that Liam would attack him. No one dared to do that if the person was in the right mindset. He was on alert because he could sense that Liam could be the foe, and a dangerous one to add.

Ethan knew how to protect his territory, he had done that but the darkness in Liam's eyes told him that he wouldn't be a fair player like his father. He couldn't risk the war with Montreals, not when Mexicans were biting his ass off but that doesn't mean he would bow down to this young boy. Oh, no, not at all, Ethan King would never bow to anyone and certainly not to this youngster.

Liam could see the little wheels turning in Ethan's mind. He needed to know that Liam was not someone to be taken evasively. He might have not taken the chair of the boss yet but he was in the Mafia since he could remember. He knew all the rules not that he liked them, or played by them but the knowledge was something that kept him moving in the business.

"You entered my territory, without my permission, demanded a meeting with me for what, sitting on the chair quietly, boy?" Ethan jabbed, Provoking Liam intentionally.

Liam's body stiffened at the insult. He fisted his hand to stop it from twitching. He reminded him to stay cool but he was losing it, his mind was losing the calmness.

Liam leaned back in the chair, leisurely. Oh, he knew the rules, others learned them but he was born into them.

The most important rule of the Mafia: Never let your emotions show on your face.

He casually shrugged, "I came to show respect. To say that I am a friend, not an enemy, old man," he answered.

Take it any way you want, Ethan.

Something shifted in Ethan's eyes. Liam could observe it. He had not expected it, not everyone could dare to insult Ethan, that too in his territory, sitting in his office and not to mention the right to his face.

"Look, Ethan, we could do that any way you want, war or peace. I came here to show my respect to my counterpart again, and if you want things to run smoothly, everything depends on your will."

Ethan's eyes fixed on Liam. Anger and admiration were both present in them at the same time but he wouldn't accept a young lad come to his office and insult him.

"I have already told you, my decision Boy, if you want to trade your goods in my territory, you have to pay me the tax. Fifty percent of what you earn," Ethan said.

Thomas' eyes moved to Ethan, asking what game he was playing. Even Thomas didn't expect Liam to be so hard. Guess, people were right about him. Liam was really the reincarnation of Lucifer. King of hell!

"We had this understanding…"

"I had it with your father, Not you. If you want to trade in my area, pay up!"

Liam shifted in his seat. He was on the verge of losing his composure but reminded himself to remain calm.


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