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His Purchased Wife novel Chapter 4

Only if words could define her but that would be an insult to her beauty. She was perfect. Her shining blonde hair, blue eyes, sharp chin and that small nose made her look like the angel from the heavens. Oh, No. Liam Knight didn't believe in Angels, heaven or hell.

But seeing her, he could turn into a believer. The girl had everything Liam liked, curves, beautiful curves in all the right places. His hands twitched to touch that soft glossy skin.

His throat swelled in need. It's not like he had not seen a beautiful woman, he had but on her, Liam felt a claim. His claim.

Maybe marriage will not be a bad option. Maybe, maybe not...

Liam tilted his head, his current mistress was clinging to his hand. He went closer to her ear and whispered: "you see that girl, Grace?"

Grace followed Liam's gaze and nodded. "Yes, sir."

"Good, her name is Aurora, go and start a conversation with her, respectfully. Compliment her about her beauty or whatever you girls do and then call me to join you. Understood?" He asked.

Grace nodded. "Yes sir."

Liam liked her till now, Grace was the kind of woman Liam liked. She did what she was asked to do. No questions asked. He hoped that his seductress would be like her.

Who likes to use fewer words. Unnecessary chattering was not something Liam tolerates. He took a sip of his champagne and watched his mistress starting the conversation with the woman who made him desperate for her body.

"You look beautiful, Aurora, just like a princess. The dress suits you…"

The woman who, Aurora, didn't even know complimented her. Aurora raised her perfectly shaped eyebrow and gazed at the woman who was standing in front of her with a sparkling champagne glass in her hand.

One of those. Everyone wanted to be in the picture with me. These social climbers!

Aurora nodded at her. "Thank you, Miss…" she asked her name and the woman smiled. "Grace Brown."

Aurora smiled politely at the woman when she saw an old woman passing by her. She nodded at her, once the woman walked away to wherever she was going and then paid her full attention to the woman standing in front of her.

"I don't have to look like a princess, Miss Brown because I am a princess and I suggest you try some other way to gain the attention of the celebrities here…" she pointed out and the girl's face flushed in embarrassment.

"Excuse me," she whispered and took her to leave from there.

Aurora turned back to her friends who were both giggling, Champagne glasses shaking in their hands.

"That was so bitchy of you, Aurora," Emily let out, trying to control herself from laughing out loud. Aurora rolled her eyes.

"These social climbers are everywhere, I mean go get a life girl," Aurora mumbled, taking a sip of her non-alcoholic champagne while eyeing her friend's alcoholic drink enviously.

"Don't even think about it, I won't handle your drunk ass, again, Aurora. Last time, I tried to hit on a bloody highway patrol officer and still ended up getting a ticket," Susan warned Aurora who sighed and gulped her sparkling, over sweet Champagne in one go. Embarrassed to the core.

You heard it right. Aurora Kings was embarrassed for what she did when she was intoxicated two months ago. She banged the patrol officer's car. On her friend's birthday. After drinking ten glasses of vodka. And her friend tried to hit on the officer. Still ended up getting the ticket.

What a birthday it was!

"Don't remind me of the day and let's do some shopping. I mean look at all these designs. The exhibition has beautiful options for us. Let's robe it," Emily tried to change the topic and bring it to the present moment.

"Not at all, I can design better than these. But still, it's The Belle…" Aurora put out a little over confidently. And why not, she was Aurora King, daughter of a billionaire. Her dad could buy everything she wanted in a snap of his finger.

So she was not wrong when she said that she was a born princess.

Both Susan and Emily nodded. "We know that darling," They air-kissed Aurora.

"Okay now girls, straightened up. Kevin is about to come and you my dear Aurora, need to talk to him, we need him for our brand," Susan ordered.

Aurora cleared her throat, put on a polite smile once again and waited for THE BELLE'S head designer to take the grand entry.

People clapped, Aurora and her friends being one of them, everyone congratulated him for yet another success as he received the designer of the month award.

Susan pushed Aurora slightly, taking the hint she moved further in the designer's direction and introduced herself.

He smiled at her, "Ah! Ms Kings, hope you liked the designs." Kevin asked, a smile not leaving his face.

Aurora nodded. "They are amazing, Mr Rawls but have you decided anything about the offer I made to you?"

Kevin sighed. "I have already told you about my offer, Miss Kings. I won't join you."

Aurora didn't like the way he replied but she kept quiet. "You are Ethan King's daughter, the world is under your feet. You don't need anyone if you want to open your brand but my suggestion would still be the same. You need to study jewellery designing first. Rest is up to you, best of luck for your future," saying that he took his leave.

Aurora kept staring at him. Her pride was hurt, how could he deny her like that.


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