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His Purchased Wife novel Chapter 36

My head was bursting in pain, Ah! My head! Damn! It’s pounding like a drum inside my head. I tried to open my eyes but the light made me cringe.

Why the hell did I drink so much when I knew my tolerance of alcohol is so low. On top of that, both Em and Susan encouraged me to drink more and more when they clearly knew how bad I’m at handling Alcohol .

Urh! I truly need Aspirin in order to get rid of this headache. I tried to open my eyes again thinking of calling the waiter to get me an aspirin but when I opened my eyes, I was stunned. The surroundings here took my breath away.

What the fucking hell!

Words could not come out of my mind by looking at my surroundings, which lead to the largest shriek I can ever make out of my mouth.

"Aaaaaaaaaaa……." Where the hell I’m and what the hell am I doing on this lifeboat? Oh my God! I looked around myself, my eyes searching for the cruise somewhere in the ocean but what I saw was blue water all around me.

I didn't know what to do! My body turned cold in fear and I cried no, wailed like a child screaming over the top of it's lungs.

"Will you stop screaming, You will make me deaf by this shrill voice of yours."

And I looked at the source of that voice. It was that arrogant ass! And my screamed grew even louder.

He grimaced. " Stop screaming will you? Show some manners or Do you only know how to shout or how to kick someone between the shrines? Don’t you think you need to learn some basic manners?" He snapped at me.

That arrogant SOB! How dare he insult me. "Oh really? And you need to learn how to stop talking like you own the fucking world. You, arrogant infuriating bull! And now tell me. ``What the hell are you doing on this boat?" My eyes grew wide.

"How did I come here or Did you kidnap me?"

He simply arched his brows. "Why would I kidnap you when I own you, Mrs knights?"

"Stop calling me that!" I shrieked. He gave me an unimpressive look and looked around as if searching something in the boat.

I gripped his elbow and turned him towards me. "I am asking you something? Tell me how I came here and how did you end up with me here?"

He glanced at my hand and slowly raised his eyes to meet mine. The look in his eyes made my toes squirm in fear."Leave my hand, Mrs Knights."

And I did, the Darkness in his gaze scared me senseless. "Don't ever touch me disrespectfully."

I gulped in fear. His gaze was unsettling and I was angry at myself for letting that asshat affect me but more than that I was irritated because he knew he scared me.

In order to divert him from the topic, I looked around and my eyes went to a small island a little far from there.

I was beyond happy. "Look there is an island, we both can reach it if we start paddling, let's do it so that we can have a place to rest." I said cheerfully, forgetting that he was my enemy. Because right now I need this Asshat, at least I had someone with me. Even thinking about being here alone scared me senseless.


Liam knows that Aurora was trying to divert the topic but this time he let her go, by looking at her flushed face, he smirked at her and agreed to paddle the boat.

"Do you know how to handle the paddle?" He asked her.

"No, I haven't done it before!" She replied slowly, diverting her eyes from him.

The corners of his lips tugged upward. "Okay, let me teach you," he said as he moved behind her and held her soft hands into his, not leaving any chance to touch her soft skin.

Aurora's breathing quickened at the close proximity of his body. Her heart was beating so loudly that she could even hear her heartbeat.

He neared her ear and said "you need to use your thumb and keep the paddle between your fingers and the thumb and start paddling forward which will help us to go forward. Do you understand?" He rasped, making Aurora gulp.


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