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His Purchased Wife novel Chapter 35

"I want someone too. I am all alone," I whined but an idea popped in my mind. I grabbed my phone out of my purse and searched for Gabe's number.

Couldn't find it because my vision was blurry. Ah! These neon lights. I walked towards the back side of the club which led to a secluded area on the cruise.

It was calm there and my vision was swirling but I managed to find Gabe's number, it used to be on speed dial but nowadays I was not calling him and he was not calling me either so the number shifted low in my speed dial call history. To my luck the number was switched off again.

"Arh!!!" I screamed in anger as I leaned on the railings and started at the pacific ocean.

"Any problem, Mrs Knight?"

I gasped, that voice and that endearment. I turned with a jerk and started at home other than the Arrogant ass!

"What the hell are you doing here?" I snarled at him.

He only chuckled as he walked closer to me and started into my eyes. "Keeping an eye on you, Mrs Knight."

"Shut the fuck up! And stop calling me Mrs Knight."

"Oh then would be Mrs Knight," he mocked me.

That was it! I couldn't take it anymore. I stepped closer to him. Stared into his beautiful but irritating black eyes," I won't marry you even if you are the last man on this planet earth. You are the most arrogant, disgusting man I have ever met and I want to squash you with my six inch heel like a cockroach under my shoe, you son of a bitch!"

Something shifted in his eyes, they were calm a moment ago but now they were hard and angry and suddenly I gasped in horror but more than that in pain as he grabbed my jaw tightly. "Ah!" I managed to get the voice out of my mouth.


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