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His Purchased Wife novel Chapter 7

"Wow, nice dress!" Susan whistled, checking me up from head to toe.

I met her eyes in the mirror. "You think so?" I asked her.

"Yup. You look edible, cupcake. I wish I could turn into a man to have you myself."

I turned around. "Susan, are you into girls now? What! tired with the opposite sex. Find someone else because I still prefer boys."

She rolled her eyes and stepped me aside from the mirror and checked herself. "I still prefer boys but right now I am getting more with the dumb boys. I mean they are so normal, I want someone who can hold my interest."

I raised my brows. "Hold your interest. The man has not been born yet, you get tired with men in two days." I told her, shaking my head.

She sighed and rolled her eyes. "Ya! I am choosy so what not everyone is like you who get serious about your first boyfriend. I mean seriously Aurora, you have not been with anyone before him and you are getting serious about that Gabe. He could have flaws. Like real flaws…"

I smiled, shaking my head. Susan and her overdramatic histrionics.

"Stop ignoring things, Aurora. I won't allow you to be with him if he doesn't meet the standards I set for man."

At that, I sighed. "I am not asking your permission, Susan."

"Well, I don't care. You have not even explored your sexuality yet. What if he smells bad, what if he had hairs on his chest and there...I mean hairy men are gross!"

"Wow! Stop there, Susan," I told her. I held her shoulders to gain her attention. "Susan, my dear Susan. I love Gabe. I do, so please do me a favour and stop making him look bad."

Her lips were pinned in a straight line. "Alright!"

I hugged her and we both paid for our shopping. When we were going back to our house I received a message from Gabe. It read: "Have lunch with me?"

"Okay!" I typed back and hit send. A small smile broke on my face.

"Must be your boyfriend if you are smiling like this," Susan commented.

I nodded, "it was, he asked me for lunch."

"And you said yes!" She asked while she took a U-Turn.

"Yes," I replied.

"Alright, I won't say anything as I promised earlier but at least test your product from buying it. You never know it could be a defective one."

I closed my eyes and sighed deeply. "Susan, we have been dating for two months only and Gabe never tried anything which makes me feel uncomfortable…"

She stopped the car. "Girl, that's what I am worried about. He is a man and which man can keep it inside for long. Look at yourself Aurora, you have a perfect body, I mean you look fucking sexy in a nightdress and he never initiated anything with you till now. I know from experience that boys want what they want on the first date…"


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