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His Purchased Wife novel Chapter 6

I looked at the server, flabbergasted. "I…I didn't know that you are the owner of this place…"

He arched his brows. "And what difference does it make, Miss? Would you have treated me differently if I had told you about my identity here? If yes, then I am glad I didn't tell you about myself at least I came to know what kind of person you are!"

My eyes widened at his words. "Excuse me but now you are being rude. How dare you talk to me in this manner!!"

"Miss, that's how you have been talking to me all this time, do you see how rude you were to me? And why because I was just a mere server and now when you come to know about my real identity you changed your tone. This shows how low you think of people around you," He snapped.

"You are nothing but a rich snob."

He kept scolding me. I stood there like a statue. My throat felt heavy at his words. Never in my life have I felt this humiliated.

Even Susan tried to interrupt but he didn't listen to her. "No, I don't want to hear anything anymore."

He turned to his manager who was standing there. "Serve them whatever they want but don't charge them anything." He looked at me then, "I hope it will compensate for your dress and if it still doesn't do that then my manager is here, ask him whatever amount for this dress. He will pay you," Saying that he walked away to his office.

"Madam, do you need anything else?" The manager asked me.

Tears pooled in my eyes. My Throat felt heavy with emotions, "No!" I whispered.

"Your bill is around 100$. Is it enough for the compensation of your dress or do I need to pay you more?" He asked.

I didn't bother with a reply. Susan touched my back, "We don't need any money from you." She snapped at the manager and took both our handbags from the table.

I gulped. Susan held my hand and started walking outside. She opened the door of my car and helped me inside. She sat on the driving seat and started the engine.

I couldn't get his words out of my mind. Was I rude to him? No one had ever talked to me in this

manner let alone scolded me.

"Aurora?" I heard Susan calling my name but I couldn't answer her. My mind was fixed on Gabriel's words. Do I think so low of people around me? Was I one of those rich snobs who think so low of less rich people?

"Aurora? Are you alright?" Susan asked worriedly.

I wiped the tears with the pad of my thumb. "Holy Fuck! Aurora kings, are you crying?" She asked bewildered and stopped the car unexpectedly.

People cursed her, horns sounded wildly around us.

"Hey! Don't you know how to drive??" A man barked from his car window.

Susan gave him a middle finger. "Fuck off! Motherfucker!!"

"Susan…" I jerked her hand inside the car and apologized to the man.

"Stop it! Why the hell is you apologizing to him, he is a fucking rat!!"

The man drove away and Susan started our car as well. "Got lucky we didn't get a ticket again, Susan!"

She rolled her eyes. "I am up to a thousand tickets if it gets you out of your trance. Chill girl! And just forget about that Restaurant owner."

My shoulders slumped again at the mention of Gabriel. "Susan, was I really rude there?" I asked her.

Susan sighed, her brows arched upwards. "Well! I won't say rude but you were kind of mean to him. I mean it was just a little water and you threw a big tantrum there. Actually, you created a scene in front of all his customers there, Aurora."

I pinched my lips in a thin line. "And he, was there no mistake of his? He could have told me that he was not a server…"

"Well...what difference does it make? It was clear from the way you reacted that you were some rich snoot who was behaving irrationally. Now forget that I didn't even eat food, let's make some Ramen noodles. The rats in my stomach are fighting a wrestling match."

"Ya! Well, I am calling dad, you go ahead and start cooking." I told her and she gave me a thumbs up. "Cool!"

I went to my room and dialled Dad's number. It rang thrice but still, dad had not accepted the call.

I sighed when he didn't pick the call and left a voice message. "Hey Dad, Umm! When will you be home? I was thinking about having dinner with you tonight. Do call me when you get free. bye! Love you."

I ended the call and stared at my phone's screen for a while. I was blank right now. I wish dad was here with me. He was the only person who I could talk to when I felt off. But dad was always busy and I understand that he had a lot of work to handle but still I miss my dad.

I sighed deeply. "I miss you, mom! Wish you were here today," Shaking my head I took a shower to ease the heaviness in my head.

"Aurora, get your ass out here right now! I cooked us the divine Garlic flavour Ramen noodles and you ran to your room."

I heard Susan. I shook my head and chuckled. I didn't know what I would have done without her. She was the only one after Dad on whom I could rely on.

"Coming!" I shouted so that she could hear me. I towel dried myself as fast as I could manage or I would be eating the cold noodles. I didn't bother with putting on the clothes and wore a bathrobe and ran out of the bathroom. I applied a little moisturiser to my face to save my skin and went out to eat my lunch.

"Wow! It's a day of many surprises today. Since when has Miss Perfect started eating food like this?" She said, patting her head.


She made a face and walked up to me. "You forgot to remove the shower cap. Anyway, Let's start our lunch or I would faint."

We finished our lunch cum Ramen noodles and then I was left alone because one of Susan's infinite number of boyfriends called she went to talk with him, probably having phone sex with him.

With no option left, I opened my sketchbook and started making designs for the next Jewellery catalogue But my mind was not into it.

All I could see was Gabriel's face and hear his words. Was I really a rich snob? Putting down my pencil and sketchbook with a thud, I stood up, wore my flip flops and went to the other side of the house where Dad lives.

It took me seven minutes to reach my Dad's portion of the house. It was practically seven in the evening and Dad might come home soon. I knocked on the door. Our housekeeper and once my nanny, Mrs Dolan, opened the door with her warm smile.

"Aurora! What a pleasant surprise, my darling. Come in, dear." She said in her soft voice.

I walked inside, my lip wobbling and I wanted to cry badly. "Mrs Dolan…" I whispered.

"Jesus! What happened to you Aurora? Why are you crying?" She asked, shocked seeing my crying face.

I gulped. "It's nothing Mrs Dolan, I am just missing my mom today."

Her brows pulled together thin lines formed at the corner of her eyes. She looked at me sharply, "Stop lying to me, Aurora Kings and tell me what the matter is?"

I love Mrs Dolan. She was the mother figure after mom died. Even Dad fears her sometimes. I still remember the day of my twelfth birthday. It was my first birthday after mom, I was missing her but Mrs Dolan prepared everything like mom used to do. She told me that my mom was always with me in my heart. She died in this materialistic world but she was alive in my heart and memories.

I accepted the reality of my mother being dead that day. Mrs Dolan called all my friends from school to celebrate my birthday but I was still lonely because Dad was busy at work. After mom, he was always busy. I missed my dad so much and refused to cut the cake till he came back.

All my friends left. I cried and slept without cutting my birthday cake and the next day when Dad came from the office, Mrs Dolan was making breakfast, dad asked her about me and the woman threw a spatula at dad in anger. It hit him on the shoulder.

Even dad was dumbfounded by her actions.

She started scolding him for his irresponsible behaviour and dad was listening to everything she was saying like an obedient child. When I came downstairs from my room I found Dad standing in the corner with their head down.

She ordered dad to apologize to me and from that day, Dad was always there for me.


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