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The Silent Wife novel (Rachel and Justin) novel Chapter 600

Westhill Racecourse was a very sensitive topic to Rachel. After all, it was the club’s headquarters and the place where most of the daily events were held.

Such a massive racecourse came with a huge number of employees, which comprised all sorts of individuals. Even if it was surprising to hear that from a stranger, it was not weird to know that Sandra’s mother was working over there.

Rachel proposed, “We can take you there.”

Sandra waved her hands hastily. “No, it’s alright. Just drop me off along your way back.”

“We’ll have to pass by the place anyway. It’s along the way.” Rachel then asked Steven, “You know the way to the racecourse, do you?”

He pouted. “Yeah, yeah.”

Sandra received a call during the drive. Her brows furrowed the moment she saw the caller’s ID, after which she faced the window to answer the phone in a soft voice. Nevertheless, her words were heard loud and clear by others in that small space.

“I know. Please help me look after my grandmother. I’ll foot the bills after getting the money. Please. Just bear with me for another day. I’ll make sure to pay tomorrow.”

Once the call had ended, Rachel inquired, “Is your grandmother sick?”

Sandra nodded in reply.

“Why are you buying ice cream when your grandmother is sick?” Steven took a glance in the rearview mirror. “You must be super ‘worried’.”

“It’s none of your business.” Sandra’s softened gaze turned sinister once again.

“Steven, focus on the road,” Rachel quickly interjected.

Due to his tender age, Steven was being tactless with his words and kept judging the situation based on a brief encounter with another person. The bad habit would only cause him more problems in future.

After that, Rachel asked, “So, are you going to ask your mother for money? You could have just called her.”

Furthermore, there were many ways to transfer the money online. Why make a girl, who did not own a car, walk by foot just to get the money when it was getting late?

Sandra frowned, and her expression indicated that she did not want to continue the subject any further. Rachel and Justin exchanged glances and kept quiet. Every family had their own difficult times. Hence, there was no need to pry into it when the person involved refused to talk about it.

Once they arrived at Westhill Racecourse, Sandra alighted from the car and stood before it to express her gratitude. “Thanks for the ride.”

“Don’t sweat it. Here, take this.” Rachel handed Sandra her business card. “Feel free to hit me up or come to me if you need help.”

Sandra was nonplussed, for she did not believe that a stranger would show such kindness to her.

Rachel stuffed the business card into Sandra’s hand. “I grew up with my grandmother, but she’s no longer here. I understand how it feels for you right now. Just take it.”

With that being said, she hopped into the car whereas Sandra instinctively took two steps forward in an attempt to return it. However, the car door was closed immediately, and the black car was driven away from the entrance.

Sandra’s gaze landed onto the business card, and on it were the words, ‘President of Hudson Pharmaceuticals, Rachel Hudson’.

She frowned

She must be lying.

Before entering the racecourse, she simply threw it into a trash can.

There aren’t that many nice people in this world.

On the other hand, it was already late at night when the trio arrived in the city. They dropped Steven off at Carter Residence first, in which he asked after getting out of the car, “Where are we going tomorrow?”

Rachel looked at the band-aids on his face. “Instead of worrying about that, you should worry about your face. Is it still painful?”

“I’m a real man. These scratches are really minor, and they don’t hurt. It won’t be a problem.” Steven pulled her hand. “I don’t care. I’ll go to you first thing in the morning tomorrow. You must not abandon me.”

Feeling helpless, she turned to take a glimpse at Justin, who was calm as though he was not bothered in the slightest.

Hmm? Has he built up his coping mechanism after hanging out with Steven the whole day?

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