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The Silent Wife novel (Rachel and Justin) novel Chapter 603

“On purpose?” Justin was baffled. “Why?”

Right when Rachel was going to answer, lightning flashed outside, which was followed. by a rumbling thunder before they heard the pitter-pattering of the rain. Is it raining?” She turned to look at the balcony and closed the windows in great haste.

It seldom poured in Riverdale during winter, let alone spring. It had stable weather-after a few heavy pours, there would be a significant increase in temperature before the people welcomed summer.

With the windows closed and the moisture in the air outside, it suddenly struck her that it had been a year since she returned to Riverdale. It felt like everything had happened in the blink of an eye.

Justin was done with the dishwashing as he pressed the button of the disinfectant cabinet and wiped his hands before leaving the kitchen. “I’ve cleaned up everything. You should go to: bed early.”

“Are you leaving already?” She turned around and pointed outside. ‘It’s raining, though.”

“It’s alright. It won’t take too long to get home by car. He took his jacket from the couch, after which he walked toward the door while reminding her, “Close the windows and doors tightly and don’t forget to lock the door once I’m gone. Be careful when you’re home alone.”

“Wait!” Rachel rushed to him to stop him. “Why don’t you leave after the rain stops?”

Justin was taken aback, for there was obviously no sign of the rain stopping at any moment. Even the forecast reported that it would pour the whole night.

However, she could not let him stay alone in the living room. So, she turned on the television to watch the movie they could not finish together previously. “Is this the movie that we couldn’t finish?”

The lights in the living room were dim whereas the movie was playing on the projector screen. In the movie, the sunlight streamed through the air and reflected into colorful rays upon the pasture, in which the couple, who had grown up together, was scampering amidst the levitating bubbles.

Literary films never failed to be soporific, it was the opening Rachel had watched multiple times and one of the main reasons she failed to finish the whole movie every single time. It was because she would start yawning when they were halfway through it.

Needless to say, this time was no exception. As he stared at the sleeping woman who was curled up at the corner of the couch, Justin’s gaze softened and he pulled the quail to cover her exposed calves. He could not thank the rain. more than ever right now.

At the same time, the scorching sun was hanging high up in the sky in Tahiti, which was a million miles away from them.

Beneath the parasols were four figures wearing sunglasses and laying on the recliners by the beach, enjoying their holidays while sipping on fruit juices. The two adults and children were in sync as they took a sip of their drinks before fanning themselves.

Gloria turned to look at the kid beside her. “Charlotte, what do you think your parents are doing at home these two days?”

In a polka dot swimdress, Charlotte had her. legs crossed in a languid manner. “Watching movies, shopping and going out for a drive.”

“That’s so lame. Even couples in college do that, so what’s the point of it? Can’t he bring his A-game?”

Charlotte pulled down her red-framed sunglasses to reveal her sparkling eyes. “Dad’s A-game is being rich.”

“Tell me, how much does it even take to do those things together?”

“He needs to rent the whole cinema for a movie date, buy bags for her and drive a sports car when going out for a drive-

“Why are you being so materialistic at such a young age? Who taught you these?” The more Gloria listened to Charlotte, the more ridiculous she thought it was. After thinking about it, she guessed, “Is it Jolly?”

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