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The Silent Wife novel (Rachel and Justin) novel Chapter 602

In the side hall of the house, Randall was fumbling with a gold ornament that he took from the cupboard.

The sound of the door opening resounded behind him, and without looking back, he questioned, “Julia, since when do you have this gold ornament? I didn’t see it the last time I came here. Why do you always hide such precious valuables from me?”

The incoming person was indeed Julia, who had no choice but to leave her daughter and come to him in case of any emergency upon receiving the news from a maid. “What brings you here? Why didn’t you inform me earlier about your visit?”

He frowned and placed the ornament back in the cupboard before facing her. “Why? Do I have to do that first whenever I wanna come?”

“I don’t mean it like that. Sandra’s here.”

His eyes glistened when he heard that. “You should’ve told me earlier. It’s been years since I last met her. I should see her.”

“Hold on.” She stopped him. “Stay.”

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s not like you don’t know how stubborn she is. She behaves no less differently in front of me.”

Only then did Randall regain his senses. “It’s been years, though. Is she behaving the same?”

“You’re telling me. I meet her less and less as years pass. You’re not the only one who hasn’t seen her for a long time. I can use my hands to count the amount of her visits during the last two years. She came to me today because her grandmother has fallen sick.

“Dorothy’s sick? Is she alright? Should I find someone to check on her?”

“It’s fine. It’s the usual ailments that come with age. It’ll be alright as long as we watch her diet and routine.” Julia sighed. “The problem is. Sandra. She doesn’t listen to anyone except her grandmother.”

The rage in her flared up at the mention of that. “That old hag must’ve spoken ill of me to Sandra all these years.”

“Don’t stress about it. You share the same blood and she will be your daughter forever. I bet she will acknowledge you as her mother someday.”

“That’s kinda hard to tell. Dorothy is Sandra’s biological grandmother, but her words work better than mine.”

“How much time does Dorothy have left?” The man wore an impassive expression. “If you wanna let your daughter stay by your side, it’s not like there’s no way to do it. Once Dorothy is gone, she will have no one to depend on except you.”

Her brows knitted together. “Don’t interfere with this. Dorothy is super important to Sandra, so we can’t do anything to her just yet.”

“Are you not going to take Sandra away with you?”

His words reminded her of the reason for his arrival as she inquired, “Why do you wanna see me today?”

“It’s about the Carter Family.”

“What about them?”

“It’s confirmed that Miss Jolly is going to have a wedding with that celebrity. The Carter Family are in the middle of selecting the invitation cards. They have the first batch printed too.”

“Is that true?” Julia’s eyes brightened. “When and where will the wedding be held?”

“It’ll be a month later in Tahiti.”

“Tahiti? Isn’t that-

“That’s right. It’s the area with the least reach by the international regime, as well as the closest to the sketchiest border.”

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