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The Silent Wife novel (Rachel and Justin) novel Chapter 601

The manager carefully observed Sandra from head to toe. “But, Miss, the boss has asked the chefs to make dinner for you when she knows that you’re here. The food will be served soon. It’s been a while since you last came. Why don’t you accompany her for dinner?”

“When she has so many people to keep her company? It’ll be redundant for me to do that.” She was firm with her decision. “I’m busy. Grandma is still waiting for me.”

“Miss, the boss is feeling under the weather these days. She keeps coughing. Please ask her to visit the doctor.”

“She deserves it for all the bad deeds she has done.”


“Fine, fine. I’ll go. Stop addressing me like that too. I’m not a bargirl.” With an impatient expression, she relented and gave her word before hopping onto the shuttle cart.

Watching the shuttle cart leave, the security guard, who had stopped her, was still in a daze. The head of security smacked his staff’s head with a cap. “Did you realize that you almost lost your job today? I wouldn’t have been able to help you!”

The security guard covered his head. “What’s going on, sir? I haven’t seen her before. Why is the manager calling her ‘Miss’?”

“She’s the boss’ daughter, and it’s rare to see her around here. It’s not been long since you started working here, so it makes sense that you don’t know her.”

“Which boss?” Although the security guard was a newcomer, he was aware that Westhill Racecourse was owned by two people.

“Mrs. Bowman.’ The security head exclaimed, “But they don’t look alike at all. Mrs. Bowman is such a gentle woman and yet, her daughter is so fierce.”

‘Mrs. Bowman?’ The security guard’s eyes widened, for he had had the honor to meet the beauty in person once. Similar to the element of water, she seemed delicate and every movement of hers was gentle. In spite of her old age, she had an air of elegance. How could she be compared with that rustic and rude kid?

The security head knew what the man was thinking, and he threw him a glance. “They don’t look alike, right? By the way, she is Mrs. Bowman’s only daughter. Mrs. Bowman pampers her so much, but she doesn’t appreciate it. Let’s put it this way-if Miss fancies it, Mrs. Bowman will give her the whole racecourse without a second thought. However, she doesn’t want it! I can count the number of times she visits this place with one hand.”


“Of course it’s because-“The security head realized something, and he smacked his subordinate’s head again. “Stop prying and get back to work.”

Having said that, he strode away and left the security guard rubbing his head at the same spot. Why can’t I ask a question when you’re the one who brought it up?

Meanwhile, the shuttle cart was driven to the south and had reached the entrance of a two- storey house. Sandra entered the house with the manager. She had only been here a handful of times, but she was still uninterested in the place. With her eyes fixated to the front, she stepped through the door as her countenance turned solemn and her hands formed a fist.

“Mrs. Bowman, Miss Huges is here.” As soon as the manager finished his words, the sound of hasty footsteps resounded in the house..

“Sandra.” The woman sounded surprised. “Come on in and let me take a look at you. It’s been a long time since I last saw you. You’ve become thinner and grown taller.”

Sandra avoided the woman’s hand as the woman intended to hold her. Taking a step back, her visage darkened. Since Julia was rejected when the manager was still around, she felt slightly awkward.

Still, the sensible manager pretended that nothing had happened and excused himself. “Mrs. Bowman, I shall head off to my position now. It’s been a while since Miss Huges came. Please enjoy your time together.”

“You should stay for a meal together.”

“I’m fine. Thank you, boss.”

After the manager left, her gaze on Sandra grew fonder. She intended to pull Sandra’s hand, but at the thought of the girl’s repulsive reaction, she gave up. “Come, sit. The chefs made your favorite tomato soup and grilled salmon for dinner.”

However, Sandra turned a deaf ear to her caring words. “I’m here for the money, that’s all.”

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