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The Silent Wife novel (Rachel and Justin) novel Chapter 605

Steven was still reeling when Jolly jumped in and gave him a knuckle on the head.

“What gives?!” Steven held his head in pain.

“We heard everything,” Jolly snapped, pissed off. “This is the sort of thing you do when we’re away, huh?!”

“What have I done?!”

“You’re still not admitting it?!” At that, Jolly turned to Sandra. “Don’t be afraid, dear. I’m his older sister, and I’ll definitely do you justice.”

“What justice?” Steven was still lost.

“What justice do you think?!” Jolly turned grim as soon as she turned to her cousin. “Be it that you brought her home, but I can’t believe you don’t want to be responsible for what you’ve done. Are you even a man?! It’s still so early in the day, and you’re already shooing her away without at least letting her put on some clothes?! I bet your parents will break your leg if they hear about this.”

“What? Responsible? Hold on-

“Hold on, my foot!”

Marilyn held Jolly back. “Alright, cut it out. It’s all about free love now. It’s no big deal that Steven’s in a relationship. What’s your name, dear? Are you Steven’s classmate?”

Clearly, Marilyn was more interested in the young woman Steven had brought home. After all, she watched the young man grow into who he was today. Finally, this rascal had learned to get himself a girl, and Marilyn adored her the more she looked at this young woman.

Meanwhile, Sandra frowned. “You guys have made a mistake. We just met yesterday.”

“You guys just met, and you’ve already moved in? Is it love at first sight?”

“What? No!”

“It’s okay, we’re a pretty open family. What’s wrong with love at first sight? How romantic. Isn’t this what they always portray in the movies?” Marilyn winked at Sandra. “You still haven’t told me your name, dear.”

After some hesitation, Sandra introduced. herself. “I’m Sandra Huges,” she said.

“What a beautiful name.”

“Beautiful, my a*s. You guys have really been mistaken, Aunt Marilyn!” Steven kept trying to make things straight. “She stayed over because

“That’s enough!” Jolly interjected unapologetically. “You’d better shut up! We don’t want to talk to an irresponsible guy like you. Shame on you! Come, Sandra. Let’s get you a change of clothes.”

Marilyn, too, urged Sandra to follow Jolly. “Go on. She’s my daughter, and you two are about the same size. Let her get you something to change into. We can talk later.”

Steven was rendered speechless as he looked at the two women escorting the ‘victim’ upstairs to get changed while totally disregarding him. Alas, he couldn’t clear himself off the charge no matter what he did now.

Just then, Richard came in with a bag of sweet potatoes, and he greeted Steven as he entered. “Steven, you’re here?! Didn’t Marilyn and Jolly ask you to help me bring the things in? Come on, help me out.”

“Uncle Richard!” Steven wailed. “You have to believe me!”

“What is it?” Richard was stumped. Meanwhile, up on the second floor, Jolly took a brand new set of clothing out of her closet and handed it to Sandra. “There you go. Go on, get changed.”

“No, a jacket will do,” said Sandra as she waved her hand before grabbing the jacket and wearing it over her camisole sweater. “Thank you.”

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