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Doted by My Billionaire Husband (Olive and Elvis) novel Chapter 1081

Chapter 1081 So he was Raven.
Raven hugged North and drove all the way to the hospital, then carried her into the delivery
Along the way, she looked at his handsome face, all her stress and anxiety were eased in his arms. He said, don’t be afraid, I’m here, I’ll always be there. North suddenly remembered that whether she was sad or happy, he was always by her side and never left her side.
North raised her small hand and slowly hugged his neck. Only he can make her feel safe.
Find peace with blooming flowers, experience this life with light clouds and flowing water… His name is Jeffrey, and that’s what it means, right?
North’s delicate white fingers touched his handsome face. She was momentarily confused. Why did she feel like he was so familiar with her?
Who is he?
Jeffrey, who are you?
In the hospital hallway, Raven shouted: “Doctor! Doctor!”
Doctors and nurses in white coats immediately rushed over: “It’s not okay. Her amniotic fluid has broken. Please push her into the delivery room immediately and we will prepare to deliver the baby.”
Raven gently placed North on the stroller, suppressing the turmoil in his heart, not showing any emotion on his face. He was afraid of scaring her, so he bent down and placed his large hand gently on her bangs. He rubbed her back and gently said: “North, don’t be afraid. I will join you. We will definitely give birth to a safe and healthy baby.”
She will give birth prematurely, but Olive is not here, so she will definitely be in danger.
It was very difficult for this child to accompany them through the most difficult years, and neither he nor she could accept the slightest surprise.
Raven couldn’t take any surprises. He wanted both her and the child.
She and the child are his whole life.
North felt very painful, her ears were ringing, but she still nodded strongly: “Okay!”
She will definitely bring the baby into this world safely and healthily.
At this time, the nurse brought the pre-birth consent form: “Sir, are you a family member of the pregnant woman? Please sign here.”
Raven quickly took the pen and signed his name at the bottom.
A man who is always in a high position can show his approval even by signing a prenatal consent
“Sir, if you want to enter the delivery room, please put on sterile clothes first.” The nurse gave Raven a dark blue maternity outfit.
Raven put it on as quickly as possible.
The nurse placed the pre-birth consent form next to North, then pushed her into the delivery
North looked to the side and saw Raven’s signature at the bottom.
The two words “Raven Dominos” were written like flying dragons and phoenixes, especially beautiful.
Raven Dominos…
Raven Dominos…
North was stunned, her mind dizzy. She was still looking for Raven, but it turns out he is Raven. He turns out to be Raven!
She searched for him thousands of times and then suddenly looked back at him in the dim light. It turned out that he was next to her.
There was an electric spark in North’s head, and many images suddenly appeared in her mind. She remembered everything. She thought about ten years of living with Raven.
Being pushed into the delivery room, she seemed to have gone through the first half of her life. The first ten years of her life were filled with many tears and nightmares. All her love is given to the past. Leaving him became the only way for her to survive.
However, she still couldn’t leave him.
The wedding ring he put on her finger was engraved with his name and his deep love – RlovesN. He held her in his arms all night, burying himself in her neck, tears streaming down his face. He cried like a child. He humbly and sincerely begged her not to leave him.
There are many delays in human affairs. The coming of age ceremony at the age of 18 created the greatest regret. He said he would never let go of her hand again. This statement is his lifelong promise to her. His pen name is Jeffrey. He will forever be with her and the child.
These are probably the reasons why she can’t leave him or forget him. Because his love has been. deeply rooted since their first sight outside Paulo’s house many years ago, much earlier than hers.
Because his love still exists and flourishes amid the thorns and blood along the way, much stronger and deeper than her love.
It’s because of his love…
It’s all because of his love…
North’s clear eyes were red, filled with hot steam, her eyelids trembled, and big tears fell.
With a “click” sound, the light in the delivery room turned on. She felt dazzled and closed his eyes in panic.
The whole world was turned upside down and in chaos.
“Future mom, don’t worry. Follow my rhythm. Take a deep breath.”
“Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in… Go harder!”
North’s delicate white fingers tightened the bed sheet under her. She used all her strength to give birth to the child.
Her and Raven’s child.
But she can’t do it.
It hurts so much..
Gradually she lost all her strength.
“North! North!”
Someone was calling her.
North opened her eyes and saw clearly the person in front of her, Raven’s handsome face appeared in her sight.
He was holding her hand, looking at her and calling her name: “North! North!”
Her vision became increasingly blurry. She suddenly didn’t understand how she could forget him. How could she forget Raven, who loved her so much? How could she forget Raven, the person she loved so much?
North raised her red lips in tears and smiled stupidly at him.
She thought her smile must be very ugly now.
Raven feels that something is wrong with North’s current state. Something is so wrong. Feeling worried and uneasy, he looked at the doctor, “How much longer? Is the baby about to come out?”
“The baby’s head is stuck. She no longer has the strength to give birth. This can easily cause lack of oxygen for the baby and put the expectant mother in danger.”
Raven’s heart kept tightening. Not only did North give birth prematurely, but she also had difficulty giving birth. He looked at the doctor with a pale expression, “What should I do now? Should she have a cesarean section instead?”
“Well…” Faced with North’s difficult situation, the doctors all hesitated.
Raven frowned deeply. Olive isn’t here, and these doctors are all quacks.
When will Olive arrive?
At this moment, Raven felt his sleeve being pulled and lowered his head to see North looking at him pitifully.
“North, what do you want to say?”
North’s clothes were soaked with sweat. She looked at Raven with difficulty, “It hurts… it hurts so much…”
His heart immediately felt like it was being held tightly by a huge hand. She screamed at him that it was very painful. She said she was in a lot of pain.
Raven felt like he couldn’t breathe.
you hear her scream in pain?” He looked at the doctors with bloodshot eyes.
The doctor’s scalp was numb and he didn’t dare look anymore. Immediately after that he cried. out: “It’s not okay. The mom is bleeding a lot!”


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