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Doted by My Billionaire Husband (Olive and Elvis) novel Chapter 1084

Chapter 1084 Mom is still a little girl~ 

Raven wiped his hands on his pockets, his strong back pressed casually against the door, looking towards the quiet hallway, but his peripheral vision was still drawn to the rustling of clothes there. 

It wasn’t that there was anything good about it, but it was very pretty. 

His Adam’s apple rolled up. 

North lifted up her shirt to feed Lydia, but with a “hiss” sound, her legs immediately stiffened in pain. 

“Lady, just bear with it. You’ll get used to it.” Julia comforted her. 

But five minutes passed, and the nanny shook her head and said: “Lady, no. Lydia doesn’t have enough milk. Please try to relax.” 

North squeezed Julia’s hand, tears welling up in her eyes. She cried: “It hurts so much. It hurts so 


Julia saw her crying and quickly raised her hand to wipe away her tears: “Lady, during your puerperium, you are not allowed to shed tears. It’s not good for your eyes. Stop crying.” 

Raven quickly turned his head when he heard North crying. She must have been in a lot of pain, her small body on the bed was shaking. 

He was so miserable that he quickly stepped forward and said: “Forget it. If she can’t eat, then feed her with formula. She doesn’t need to breastfeed.” 

“Okay sir. I’ll take Lydia and feed her formula first.” 

Julia took Lydia away. Raven walked over to the bed. There were still tears on North’s face. She looked very pitiful. 

Raven raised his hand to wipe away her tears, kissed her forehead, and gently said: “Forget it. Babies nowadays are mostly fed with formula and don’t need to be breastfed.” 

North pouted and shook her head: “No way. It’s just too painful. Wait until I get used to the pain, then I’ll try again.” 

Raven looked into her brave eyes, feeling so soft, “Yes, you are the bravest and the best. You can definitely do it.” 

North pulled the blanket up and covered it under her shoulders, her small hand quietly covering her sore spot under the blanket. She felt like she couldn’t open her eyes and wanted to continue. sleeping. 

“Sleep.” Raven lovingly stroked her little head. 

“Okay.” North closed her eyes. 

North fell asleep but Lydia started crying again. 

Julia hugged her to comfort her but couldn’t. The baby cried until she choked, her small face turning red. 

Julia held a milk bottle in her hand, the bottle was filled with milk: “Sir, Lydia is so smart. I just gave her some of the lady’s milk and now she refuses to use the bottle. I gave the bottle to her and she immediately spit it out. Now she’s hungry again so she keeps crying.” 

“How about we tell the lady to try again and give the baby some milk?” The nurse on duty asked. 


in the rich world. She has been to countless women in low-status rich families who have to breastfeed after giving birth. After all, a mother is not as precious as her child, so she doesn’t care whether the woman is in pain or not. 

But Julia saw that this gentleman considered his wife as his beloved, so he couldn’t bear to let her do it. 

“North is sleeping. Don’t wake her. Give Lydia to me. I will hug her.” Raven walked over. 

“Sir, will that be okay?” 

Raven reached out with both hands and carefully hugged Lydia in his arms, looked down at his sobbing daughter and nodded: “Yes.” 

Lydia cried until her whole body was drenched in sweat. Raven lifted the goose-yellow blanket at bit, hugged her and swayed in the hallway, softly saying: “Shh, Lydia. Don’t cry so loudly. Mom is here. Sleep. Don’t wake her up. Lydia, Mom have endured a lot of pain. Now that you have been born, you must be considerate and sympathetic to her. The powdered milk is good. Drink some powdered milk and wait until Mom wakes up, and she will feed you, okay?” 

Raven looked at his little daughter, held her up high, reached out his finger to tease her soft little face, and whispered in a voice that only they could hear: “Lydia, your mom is still very young. She is still a little girl. This is her first time giving birth. In the future, she needs you to pay more attention. Mom is not used to breastfeeding so she will feel pain. You should be gentle, especially don’t bite Mom… You just use a little force, Mom will cry.” 

“Lydia, can we cooperate to drink powdered milk now?” 

Lydia, “…Boohoo…” She didn’t understand. 

At this time, two nurses passed through the hallway. Looking aside, they saw a tall, handsome man holding a baby in his arms, his arms stretched out manfully. 

The man’s sweater and trousers were both wrinkled, but this didn’t affect his elegance. He lowered his eyes, looking intently at the baby, his face was as handsome as a statue, his coaxing sound was like the most beautiful and attractive song at night. 

A monastic palace-style table lamp shined down on his head. As a father, his whole body exuded magnetism, the characteristic charm of a mature man. 

The two nurses looked at each other and blushed. 

“I heard this is Mr. Dominos, the richest man in Los Angeles. He’s really charming.” 

“Hey, don’t think too much. Mr. Dominos’ wife is North the beauty. Their relationship is very good. Just now, she fell asleep after giving birth. Mr. Dominos was very worried because he was. afraid that he would lose his wife after having a daughter.” 

“What can I think? We only admire a charming man like Mr. Dominos.” 


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