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Doted by My Billionaire Husband (Olive and Elvis) novel Chapter 1083

Chapter 1083 Lydia~
Raven shook his head. Although worried, he still didn’t wake her.
“Mr. Dominos, North needs to sleep now. Don’t worry too much. No one will steal your wife.”
Even though Olive said that, Raven still looked towards North. He was afraid that if he blinked, she would disappear again.
“North has recovered her memory, do you know about this?” Raven asked Olive.
She nodded: “I heard her calling your name.”
“Is it a good thing or a bad thing? I’m just afraid she still can’t pass the test in her heart. Then the nightmares will reappear, the terrible m ental illness will sweep over her again.” Raven frowned, showing some concern.
Olive thought for a moment, curled her lips and said: “Mr. Dominos, have you ever thought that this time North suddenly regained her memory because… she cured herself?”
Raven was startled.
Is that so?
Did she heal herself?
At this moment, there was a noise. North moved on the bed and slowly opened her eyes. Raven’s body stiffened, his eyes lit up, and he stepped forward.
But it was useless, because there was a person faster than him. Just now, Olive told him not to worry but she suddenly rushed to North’s bed.
Raven, “…”
Olive worriedly held North’s small hand: “North, how are you? The anesthesia has worn off, do you feel any pain?”
North blinked weakly: “It hurts a bit…”
At this moment, Raven saw North’s eyes moving, looking for someone in the hospital room.
He wanted to step forward.
But Olive spoke first: “Julia, push the baby over.”
Due to family reasons, neither Raven nor North had any elders to take care of them, so they hired a gold medal nanny, Julia.
Raven, “…”
Julia pushed the stroller in front of North: “Madam, the little girl is here.”
North moved a little closer to it, happily and lovingly looking at her daughter. She reached out and grabbed her daughter’s small, soft hand, brought it to her mouth to kiss, and said in a sweet, soft voice: “Hello, my dear. You have finally come to this world. I love you
Raven’s whole body was numb, his blood was boiling, but he couldn’t exert any strength. He couldn’t explain what that feeling was, in his heart there was only his woman and his daughter…
“North, have you decided on a name for the baby yet? Let’s give her a nickname first, okay?“ Olive suggested.
North looked at the baby, who was grinning at her.
“Let’s call her… Lydia.” She said.
Raven felt this name was really good. Although Lydia was just born, she is active and energetic, and her smile is also very sweet.
“Lydia, baby, from now on I will call you Lydia.” North kissed her daughter’s hand again.
At this moment, Julia smiled and said: “Madam, are you going to breastfeed Lydia?” North nodded without hesitation: “Yes.”
“Okay. You just woke up, eat some noodles first. Try to feed Lydia later,” the professional nurse said.
At this time, Olive opened the thermos and said: “North, you just gave birth to a baby, first eat some brown sugar noodles.”
North walked over, held chopsticks and said: “Olive, I will do it myself.”
“North, let me feed you. From now on, you will be in puerperium. During this month, you must pay attention to yourself. Women in puerperium are the most attentive. If you are not careful you will suffer from captive syndrome.”
“I get it.” North nodded.
Olive used chopsticks to pick up noodles and put them on North’s lips. North didn’t eat. She glanced at Raven. The handsome man was still standing there since she woke up.
Raven took off his thin wool coat, revealing a gray striped sweater and black trousers. At this moment, he used one hand to wipe his pants pocket, revealing his tall, handsome figure.
When Raven saw her looking at him, his abandoned heart suddenly came alive. He turned back to look at her with bright eyes.
His deep and bright eyes were filled with her reflection.
Sometimes, there are words that don’t need to be said, just seeing is enough.
North turned her face away, opened her mouth, took a bite of noodles, and lowered her eyes to
Olive suddenly felt like she had become a third wheel. She seemed a bit… confused, saying, “Hmm, North, I still have to go to work. Mr. Dominos, come and feed her. When I’m done, I’ll go back to making soup for her.”
North quickly stretched out her fingers and pulled at the corner of Olive’s shirt, as if hesitating to speak.
Olive immediately covered her mouth and giggled: “North, what’s wrong with you? Did you become shy after giving birth?”
North was originally a red rose with thorns, but now after giving birth to her daughter, she has changed a lot. She has become as soft as water.
North was so embarrassed that she couldn’t speak.
“Doctor Hart!” Raven walked over and took the thermos from Olive’s hand, “Go do your job.”
He glanced at Olive displeasedly, meaning stop talking and get out quickly!
Olive disappeared as fast as possible.
Raven sat on the bed and looked at North. Her black hair was messy, a few strands fell down her beautiful, rosy neck, and her pretty little face was a little pale. Maybe it’s because she just gave birth.
She was a bit delicate and beautiful because her strength was exhausted, her thin shoulders under the pink hospital gown made men especially love her.
Raven felt weak all over. He lifted the chopsticks and gave her a mouthful of noodles. North opened her mouth to eat.
“Is it good?” He asked gently.
North looked up at him, tears in her eyes, and reluctantly shook her head: “No.”
The brown sugar underneath had a strange taste.
Raven reached out to touch her head and said affectionately: “Be good. Be patient. After your puerperium, I will buy you ice cream.”
“Okay.” North obediently nodded.
In fact, nothing seemed to have changed for them. Life was still the same in the small southern town. She was North and he was Jeffrey.
She didn’t mention the word Raven again. He wouldn’t mention it either.
Julia on the side laughed happily. She had served many wealthy families, but this was the first time she had seen such a good relationship. The husband almost treated his wife like a little girl.
After feeding North the noodles, Julia carried Lydia to bed, “Madam, the first time feeding Lydia may be a bit painful. New mothers are like that. Madam, please try to endure.”
North gently glanced at Lydia and nodded.
Raven was still standing next to her. North reached out to push him away, her face red, and said sweetly: “Go out first.”
He frowned and glanced at her plump curves, not sure whether accidentally or not. North quickly turned around, facing away from him.
Julia urged: “Sir, sorry. Just wait at the door. Besides, there’s nothing interesting here. Go quickly.”
Raven glanced at North’s slender back. Even though his heart was racing with thousands of reluctant things, he finally pulled his foot out and actually stood at the door.


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