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Doted by My Billionaire Husband (Olive and Elvis) novel Chapter 1082

Chapter 1082 Raven became a father!
North was bleeding profusely.
It is said that a woman giving birth is like passing through the gates of hell. Raven always looked forward to the baby’s birth but also dreaded the day the baby was born. The repression in his heart immediately burst out, he grabbed the doctor’s collar and said: “Hurry up and stop the bleeding! Stop it! If anything happens to them, I’ll bury you all in this hospital with them!”
The doctor trembled with fear, cold sweat broke out on his forehead.
Raven’s eyes were red, his whole body looked dark and scary. At this moment, a faint call came to his ear, “Ra…ven…”
Raven suddenly stiffened, now he felt like he was hallucinating.
He slowly turned around, his eyes stopping on North’s face. Her eyes were now filled with tears, sparkling like a bright galaxy. She looked at him and called his name again, “Ra…ven…”
She has regained her memory!
She remembers him!
Raven suddenly froze on the spot, his bright red eyes filled with surprise, confusion, amazement, worry, fear…
These emotions were intertwined, causing him to momentarily forget his reaction. Her voice, Raven, was all that echoed in his ears.
At this moment, the delivery room door suddenly opened, and a surprised voice rang out: “Professor Hart is here!”
Olive is here.
Raven turned around and saw Olive. She was wearing a white coat. Even though she arrived in a hurry, she was still calm as always.
Olive’s appearance surprised everyone. The pillar finally arrived.
“Professor Hart, the pregnant woman is bleeding a lot.” The doctor quickly reported.
Olive wore a white mask and came next to North. She held North’s hand and said gently: “North,
a normal birth is no longer possible, a cesarean section must be performed immediately. I will
perform it myself. Don’t worry. Leave you and the baby to me. I will keep you safe.”
No matter the time, Olive, her best friend, is always by her side. North nodded forcefully: “Okay!”
Olive raised her head to look at Raven, “Mr. Dominos, please wait outside.”
“I…” Raven didn’t want to go out.
“I’ll let you in until the baby is born. Close the door.” Olive firmly ordered.
Just like that, Raven was kicked out, and the delivery room door was slammed shut in his face.
Raven was waiting. As time passed, he was on a knife’s edge, extremely miserable.
He didn’t know what was happening to her inside.
He didn’t know why she suddenly remembered him.
He also didn’t know how her sudden memory recovery would lead to his love in the future.
He has never suffered like this.
At this moment, an “Ouch” sounded, and suddenly a loud cry came from the delivery room.
Raven’s black pupils shrank. At this moment, the loud cry of a baby was like bright moonlight that suddenly penetrated all the fog in his heart. He felt like all the past was gradually leaving him. A new life and new hope have opened.
This subtle feeling germinated in his heart like a seed, then grew crazily, his heart suddenly filled to the point of overflowing.
Raven walked to the door of the delivery room and reached out to push the door open.
He saw Olive holding a baby in her arms. The new born baby was actually a little big. Olive was bathing and dressing her. The clothed baby opened her small mouth, emitting immature sounds, crying non-stop.
Olive handed the baby to him: “Mr. Dominos, congratulations. It is a little girl weighing 14.99 pounds. You are now a father!”
He is a father!
Raven knows he’s a father!
This is his treasure, his and North’s treasure. Their treasure was finally born.
This is a girl.
Raven reached out to hug his daughter. The baby, who had been crying non-stop, suddenly stopped crying, looked at him with wide eyes, then grinned with satisfaction.
Olive curled her lips and couldn’t help but smile, “Mr. Dominos, they all say that the daughter was father’s little lover in her previous life. This is completely true. She was crying but as soon as you hugged her, she smiled. She likes you so much.”
Raven’s heart was soft and full of strength. He took off the goose yellow blanket and looked at the baby’s small face. Other people’s babies were ugly when they were born, red and wrinkled like a little old woman, but his daughter wasn’t like that.
His daughter was exactly what he had imagined countless times, just like her mother, with a rosy face and dark eyes that made people want to kiss her hard.
His daughter!
He finally has a daughter!
Raven hugged his daughter and placed her next to North. North was anesthetized and had both a vaginal birth and a cesarean section, so at this time, she was very tired. She looked weakly at her daughter, then placed a kiss on her face.
Baby, I love you~
Now that mother and daughter are by his side. He has another person to protect in this world. Raven couldn’t help but reach out and touch North’s face, “North, I have become a father, and you have become a mother.”
“Yeah.” North tiredly closed her eyes.
Raven’s face suddenly changed: “North, North…”
“Mr. Dominos,” Olive said quickly: “Don’t be nervous. North was just too tired so she fell asleep. Now let her sleep well. Don’t disturb her.”
Raven worriedly reached out to touch North’s small face: “Did she really fall asleep?”
Olive smiled, “Mr. Dominos, don’t worry. She really fell asleep.”
“Okay.” Raven nodded.
In the ward.
Olive and several nurses gathered around the cart to watch: “Look at the little girl. Her face looks like her mother, but her eyes look like her father.”
“Haha, that’s right. Her father’s genes are much better than her mother’s. She is very beautiful.”
Raven is now leaning against the wall, one hand wiping on his pants pocket, looking through the gap at the stroller. The baby is wrapped in a goose yellow blanket. She is looking at him with dark, energetic eyes.
Raven looked at Olive and asked in a low voice: “Why isn’t North awake yet? She’s been asleep for two hours.”
Olive smiled helplessly. In the past two hours, Mr. Dominos has asked this question no less than ten times.
He was too nervous.
Olive said: “Mr. Dominos, North is really just sleeping. If you’re really worried, you can wake her up.”
Wake her up?
Raven looked at the hospital bed and saw that their daughter had been born. North no longer had that round belly, she was slim and shiny, sleeping just like their daughter in the hospital bed.
Her long eyelashes were like cicada wings silently drooping, her soft little face was a bit lacking in vitality, and a tired look appeared under her eyelids.


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