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His Purchased Wife novel Chapter 15

"Tell me the whole thing without missing a single detail." She demanded.

Let me tell you the bad one first,” A son of a bitch came to our house, he bloody threw tantrums on me and that also in front of my dad” Can you believe it.

‘He threw tantrums on the Aurora kings!! Can you believe it?" I said pointing a sharply manicured finger at myself.

Oh Gosh! I can’t believe my ears, Aurora. You swore, like seriously you swore, it means that person had seriously created a mess for you, I’m sure.

You are making me even more eager about it," She fretted, widening her eyes dramatically.

"You remember I told you about Mr Ryan Wolfe who came to my dad's house bringing a marriage proposal of his son for me?"

"Yeah, I remember, so?" She asked.

"So, today his son Liam Wolfe came and that pathetic, egoistic, self-centred man gave me orders in my own house! The nerve of that person! He ordered me to get out of Dad’s office in front of my dad." I told her in a single breath.

"He did all these things and on top of that, he asked me to learn manners like seriously, he is the one who needs to learn them first."

"I seriously wanna kill him by hearing you but what he said before leaving, which made you this mad?" She supports me.

"You won't believe it, Susan! He called me, Mrs Aurora Liam Wolfe!!!"

Who the hell does he think he is? Bloody barbarian!

I scream in anger and frustration" How dare he call me that? I will kill him with my bare hands if I ever meet him again. I am telling you, Susan!"

"Damn girl! You are burning in rage. You know what, we need to clean your energy. There is a lot of negativity around you right now, we need to clear your chakras!"

And I looked at her with rage-filled eyes. "Susan, don't start your tarot reading sessions here or I will tear them apart! Now, stop this negative energy shit and help me choose a dress. Gabe is coming here and I need to dress up for him." I said standing up and kicking the red off-shoulder dress away to walk back to the wardrobe.

"Why is he coming to dinner, any special occasion?" She asked while scrolling the hanging dresses to help me choose one.

I stopped scrolling the hangers and cleared my throat. I needed to tell her about Gabe proposing to me but I knew she would throw a fit but still, I need to take a risk.

"Gabe proposed to me today with a ring," I muttered and she gasped, turned her head towards me, her eyes widened, the hazel brows stuck in the centre, shocked hearing my words.

"Did I hear you right, Aurora Kings, that cleaner proposed to you and you are telling me now! How dare you hide it from me?" She barked with authority.

"How dare you do this to your own and only best friend? I can’t believe you have done this to me!! How could you? How could you do this to me? Damn, God!! Kill me, please kill me. No one in this world loves me!!"

I raised my eyelids and rolled my eyes, here goes my peace and time to dress up for the important dinner, now I had another thing at hand and that was coaxing my best friend.


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