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His Purchased Wife novel Chapter 21

"Hello, Vancouver city…" Susan sang while stepping down the stairs. Emily and I are behind Susan. The city greeted us with good weather and a lot of sunshine.

"I have planned the whole stay here. Hiking, boating, shopping…" Emily started but was immediately interrupted by our workaholic Susan.

"Nope! We are here for work, not holidays, girl."

Emily curled her lips to one side. "Will you stop telling me what to do and what not! God Susan, you behave like a mother hen." She said, throwing her hands in the air, clearly showing her irritation towards Susan.

I glanced at Emily and Susan, sighed and walked slowly without any of them noticing me. Our Limousine was waiting for us, upon seeing me the driver opened the door for me. I passed him a smile but before settling inside I looked at my friends who were fighting like Tom and Jerry. I chuckled imagining Susan as Tom and Emily as Jerry.

Ah! My imagination sometimes made me imagine the weirdest things. "Hey Girls, if your world war three has finished, join me or I would be leaving without you both." I squealed at both of them.

They both gave me a pointed look but stopped their bickering. Walked towards the limousine and settled down inside it calmly. The driver started the car and the journey started. I looked out the window, the beautiful scenery of the city was passing through my eyes. A small smile came to my lips though I travel a lot but Vancouver was always the city I felt connected with and why not! My mom was basically from here. Even though Dad was settled in Boston, USA and mom was happy there but she never forgot her city. The city of Vancouver.

The beautiful maple trees around here turned red in this season which increased the beauty of this city ten fold. It looked as if a red haired angel had casted a spell here. The sunlight brightens the red leaves making it look like gold. The joy of passing through this beautiful scenery could make anyone fall in love with the place.

Smiling, I touched the pendant on my neck. Whenever I feel nervous I wear it, it makes me feel closer to my mom.

I wish you would have been here mom. I just wish you would have been with me today…

Alas! The emptiness I felt without my mom was like an empty box. My parcel of happiness was never fully filled, yes, I have dad and now, Gabe but still the place of mom left the emptiness in my life which could never be filled by anyone. I brushed the tear that gathered in the corner of my eye with my little finger.

Clutching the pendant tightly in my fist I made a promise to my mother that I would make her proud today.

I promise to try with everything inside me for this show to win. Because it was not about my name only but my grandfather's name as well, he used to be one of the most famous jewellery designers of his time. I traced the design on my pendant which was designed by my grandfather.

"I will make you proud grandpa." I whispered and once again looked outside the window ignoring my two hot-headed friends who were busy ripping each other's hair out of their skulls. Finally, our journey came to an end.

The driver opened the door for us as we descended the car. Emily being Emily put on her goggles like a pro. "Girls, let's show everyone that future winners of this show have arrived here…"

I smiled and mirrored her gesture of putting my own goggles on, Susan following my gesticulations.

When we walked inside and told the receptionist that we were here for the jewellery show Contest they informed the manager about it. After some time two people arrived. One man named Joshua and a woman named Katie. Both wearing formal dress, a blue suit with white shirt.

Joshua was a well built six feet tall man. He didn't look like someone who worked a nine to five job but more like a bodybuilder or a wrestler while Katie was a beautiful brunette with black hair and hazel eyes. She looked like a perfect model out of some fashion magazine and I felt envious seeing her perfect body. The size zero figure made me hide my big hips with my Chanel handbag. I looked at them when the woman started speaking.

"Good Evening miss…" She checked the Ipad, "Aurora Kings and Susan Kate, right?"

I smiled. "Yes," The girl offered her hand to me. I accepted and we shook our hands then she offered it to Susan and Emily likewise.


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