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His Purchased Wife novel Chapter 22

"Stop it Susan! I snapped at her. " and don't ever say that again. You have no idea how much I love him, so please just don't judge my relationship on your terms."

I said and walked out of the elevator as soon as it pinged leaving both Emily and Susan behind me. I opened the door with the electric key and walked inside. A bellboy was placing our luggage there.

"Good evening mademoiselle," he greeted me in his slightly French accent. I sighed and pulled out a hundred Canadian dollar bill to tip him.

He smiled. "Thank You, mademoiselle," he said politely and walked out of the room.

I checked my cell phone and found two Missed calls from Gabe while many messages from Dad and Mrs Dollan asking whether I was fine or not.

I fidgeted my fingers in confusion of whether to call Gabe or not. I left the breath I was holding, hit the call and ended it immediately.

"Uff." I bit my lower lip in anticipation.

Should I make a phone call? I didn't know what to do? I huffed in anger.

"Arh..! " I stomped my foot in anger at not being able to decide whether to make the phone call or not?

I cleared my throat and straightened my shoulders when I heard Susan and Emily's squabbling.

"Aurora, I am so sorry baby, I didn't mean it that way." She rested her hand on my shoulder. "It's just that I am worried about you!"

I jerked my shoulder and moved towards the window. "Then don't worry about me Susan. I know you love me but you have to accept that Gabe is a part of my life now and I won't hear anything against him."

"Alright!" Susan raised her hands in the air. "I agree with you, I won't interfere in your love life any more. I promise babe! But don't be angry with me, you are my only family, Aurora. Please forgive me."

Arh! Why is it so hard to be angry with her? Pity on me, I can't even pretend to be mad at her.

I turned around and smiled. "Okay." I accepted her apology as she hugged me.

"Hey, don't leave me alone!" Emily said as she walked up to us and joined us.

"Okay, it's getting awkward now!" Susan said, breaking our hug. "You know what, let's take a long shower and I'll order pizza for us."

I nodded. "I needed the shower badly." I told her and went to my room to take a shower while Emily went to hers and Susan ordered Pizzas on the hotel intercom.

I threw my handbag on the bed and got out of my dress. Taking my IPod with me I went inside the bathroom to take a long refreshing shower.


"Pizza is here, Susan!" Emily called out as she checked the trolley of food delivered to their suite.

Susan walked out of her room, dressed up in a short satin nightie. "Where is Aurora?" She asked Emily.

"In her room." Emily replied, picking a can of cold drink and opening it with a pop sound.

"I am going to call her."

"Wait, I am coming with you," Emily said while taking a sip from the cold drink can and walking beside Susan.

"Aurora…" Susan called Aurora but she was nowhere in the room.


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