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His Purchased Wife novel Chapter 23

"What are you both doing here?" I asked Susan and Emily while towel drying my hair.

Susan sat on the bed and leaned back with her palms flat on the bed sheet. "What do you think, we came to call you, Our Pizza is getting cold girl!"

"Oh!" I whispered and walked towards the mirror, starting the hairdryer. I started drying my hair, when I finished with my hair I turned towards her.

"Let's go then, I am dying of hunger."

They both smiled, I scowled at them "are you both alright?"

"Ya!" They replied at the same time and I sharpened my eyes at them. "No you are not! What are you both up to as a human version of Tom and Jerry?"

Susan raised her brows. "Human version of Tom and Jerry? Really Aurora Kings!" She asked.

"I am sure, I am Jerry in your eyes. Am I right Aurora?" Emily asked, crossing her hands to her chest.

I giggled. "Well, Susan behaves like Tom."

"Very funny!" Susan said, "Now let's go. I don't want to eat a cold pizza."

I raised my hands in surrender. "Alright! Tom.."

She shook her head and walked out while Emily and I bumped our fists together.

I was having my Pizza when my phone buzzed. I glanced at its screen to check the caller ID. A small smile crossed over my face thinking it was Gabe but it was not him. Even Susan and Emily glanced my way.

Instead of Gabe it was Dad who was calling me. I gulped and accepted the call sliding the green icon.

"Hey, Dad…" I greeted him, trying to make my voice look happy and chirpy when I was anything but that.

"You reached safely, love!" Dad asked me.

I smiled. "Yes, and I am having Pizza with my girls,don't worry Dad, I will take good care of myself."

"I know, you will, Aurora. I know You will. Aurora...," he whispered and sighed deeply.

"Dad, is everything alright? You sound different?" I asked him, worried.

"Yes, yes.." He cleared his throat and added. "I know how important this competition is for you. It's not about you only. You are in this because of the legacy of your grandfather and mother…"

I touched the pendant on my neck, my thirst felt heavy recalling the day Mom gave it to me. "Love, I know you will win this show. I have full faith in you." He whispered.


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