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His Purchased Wife novel Chapter 24

Aurora POV:-

"Good morning everyone, hope you all had a good night here but now the battle starts," Miss Kaitie announced over the mic while Mr Joshua was standing beside her again with that stiff face.

"She is hot!"

I heard a man whisper beside Emily who rolled her eyes. "Men!" She whispered.

"Well he is not lying, is he?" I asked, being jealous over that perfect slim body of our hostess. .

"Will you both shut up and focus on the big picture? We are here to win this battle. Our future depends on this and you both are worried about her figure. Grow up!" Susan scolded us in a mere whisper but looking at the features of the girl sitting beside her I guess she heard it.

Susan followed my gaze and faked a smile to the other girl who glanced at Susan head to toe and rolled her eyes before glancing back at the stage where Katie was speaking.

"Now, let me introduce you all to the judges of our show: Everyone in the jewelry business world knows him. The man who has The ornaments jewels award under his cap. Please welcome, Kevin Rawls. The head designer of Our brand 'The Belle…"

We all clapped while some hooted when he entered on the stage, wearing a formal suit and his trademark smile. He waved his hand at us nodding.

"Now the second Judge of this show, She was Miss world in 2011, judged many beauty pageants and the brand ambassador of our Jewellery house, Miss Maya Smith…"

It received an even louder clapping from us. I could feel goosebumps all over my body right now. It's not likeI have not met them before but at this moment I am standing here not because of who my dad is, but at this moment I am standing here because I deserve to be here. I deserve to meet them on my own.

"And last but not the least please welcome, Alexendrios Kyschove, one of the sponsors of our show. The billionaire businessman from Russia."

"Wow! I am having hots for him, Aurora, just look at that hot body." Emily whispered to me slowly but obviously Susan heard her and she earned a death glare from her. Emily rolled her eyes and glanced back at the stage.

"So, these are our judges, we have three rounds to decide who will earn the mentorship under Kevin Rawls and not to forget the ten million Dollars plus the opportunity to work in our upcoming designs.

" hm! Whatever, I know I will be the winner." I heard someone and glanced at the source of the voice. A man was sitting with an overconfident smirk on his face.

Susan thinned her lips while I just ignored him. It's a healthy competition. I didn't want to get into unnecessary politics. My mom used to say that do your work and let unnecessary people talk. They do that because they don't have anything else to do.

"So, our first round will start in the evening. You all have approximately 8 hours to make your designs and then you have to present it to our judges with a two hundred words explanation behind the inspiration of your designs."

Katie smiled and get off the stage with Mr Joshua following her. All the judges walked past the contestants to boost our morale with their kind words. I waited for my turn and smiled at Mr Rawls who recognised me at one glance.

"Aurora! Is that really you sweetheart?" Mr Rawls asked.


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