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His Purchased Wife novel Chapter 25

" Blooming rose…" Emily whispered.

"What inspired you to create this design? Tell me and I will check the facts."

"Mom used to love roses. I still remember the smile on her face during spring. One day I was walking with her in our garden and tried to pluck a rose.

But a thorn nipped in my finger. I told her that I hate roses. That day mom taught me a lesson. Never hate something because it hurts you. What that poor thorn did was protect itself. She told me to be a rose in life. A lady with beauty and mind…"

"Wow!" Susan whispered. Emily cleared her throat while I gave them an emotional smile.

"You know what, no facts needed, we are going to use this in our presentation. This will surely rock our design…" Susan told me while Emily gave me a thumbs up.

After that we all got so engrossed in our work that we didn't even know where the time flew away. It took me more than six hours to finish the design. But the final design was the product of our hard work and we all were satisfied with it.

"Now, I need a long relaxing bath, girls…" I chirped. They both gave me flying kisses while Emily was busy with her phone and other on her laptop.

I went to my room and got out of my dress. Now I was only in my undergarments. I took off my sports bra and undies, opened the bathroom door and stood under the shower...

On the other hand...

In one big room, a man was watching all the participants who came to join the competition, but his sharp eyes were on only one person. His tigress. Yes, for him, Aurora Was a tigress who is fierce and has fire in her. Her fire keeps attracting Liam towards her like a moth.

Damn brother, one day this girl will be the death of you. Your Tigritsa. I must say her designs are as unique as she is. I’m impressed by your choice.

The man’s sharp yes turned towards his Friend Jonathan like a hawk. He warned him with his eyes. Apart from him, no one can call Aurora a tigress. Only he has the right to call her tigritsa. Yes she is his tigritsa. His wife Mrs. Aurora Liam knight.

He knows how to make his tigritsa submissive in front of him. He would very well like to tame her to make her obey his every command. To fulfill his every wish.

Jonathan I want You to keep a check on Aurora, though I want her to win but I want her to win on her own merits.

But brother, you want her to be submissive?


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