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His Purchased Wife novel Chapter 26

Aurora POV:-

"Please be confident during your presentation Aurora," Susan whispered. I tried to look confident but seeing the presentation of the current participant I was a nervous wreck.

She was not only confident but famous too in the jewellery world. Three years ago, She was one of the most talked-about designers in New York fashion week. I mean she was none other than Evelyn Rodriguez.

Even the Judges were impressed with her presentation. "Girls, she is our main competition. I am telling you both." Emily whispered.

I gulped because after fifteen minutes we three were staring at each other in apprehension. If Evelyn was a storm then George was a volcano.

"I don't think we stand a chance today girls, omg! We will be out in the first round."

Susan glared at her. "Shut the fuck up!"

"Do I stand a chance among them, Susan? They are both world-famous jewellery designers," I muttered and Susan thinned her lips in a straight line.

"Aurora Knights, I don't give a damn even if they are the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. What I give a damn about is that you will go to that stage, stand tall like the fucking princess that you are and present your design with as much enthusiasm and confidence as you have. Do you fucking understand me?"

I nodded not in understanding but because I didn't have any other option. I was walking on a two-edged sword. Although I was nervous and wanted to run away, I was still sitting here because of four people.

First was mom, I am here in this contest not for me only but because of the legacy of my mom and grandfather. Second, my Dad who I wanted to make proud. The third was Gabe, I wanted to prove to him that I would not be depending on him in future. I can earn my own money and I won't be washing dishes in his restaurant and last but not the least, I was sitting here because of the person sitting beside me.

Susan would eat me alive after cutting me into tiny pieces and boiling in hot oil if I ran away with my tail between my legs.

Fuck, I was stuck!

I stood up with shaking legs when Katie announced my name. Glanced at both my girls, Emily at least smiled to boost my confidence but Susan glared at me like a cruel stepmom.

Today I felt like Cinderella and Susan was my cruel stepmom. "Go…" she whispered while gesturing to me with her hand to walk further but my legs felt like they had been glued to the floor.

"Our Next contestant, Miss Aurora Knight…" Katie announced again and Susan this time pushed me towards the stage. Somehow managed to walk there with my jelly legs. I touched my mom's necklace to have courage and when I stood in front of thirty-five talented people I was a nervous wreck.

"Miss Knight, are you alright?" Kevin Rawls asked me.

I passed him a shaky smile. "Yes…" and then cleared my throat. The PPP started. There was my design on the big projector.

"What inspired you for this design, Miss Knight?" Maya smith asked me.

"My mom is my inspiration behind this design," I replied with a smile trying to look confident when I was anything but…

I pointed at the blooming rose necklace. "The blooming rose represents youth, beauty and pleasure. My designs are for everyone. Doesn't matter what age you are, as the blooming rose we all can bloom in whatever age…"

"Do you think an eighty-year-old woman will like this design, Miss Knight?" Kevin Rawls asked me.

I smiled. "Yes, as I said Mr Rawls it doesn't matter what age you are, what matters is how old you feel. And this design represents Youth, not physically but emotionally. A woman could be ten, twenty, fifty or eighty, everyone likes flowers! It symbolises love and harmony."

"You are trying to compare your designs with beauty and youth. Nice idea, Miss Knight." Kevin Rawls said.

I smiled at the remark as I nodded at everyone and walked back to my seat.

"That was impressive," Emily whispered. Susan on the other hand sighed deeply.

"But nowhere near Everlyn or George. Now I am just praying for our selection in the next round." She muttered dejectedly. I looked down with remorse that I somehow failed my friends but Susan squeezed my hand in assurance.

"You tried your best. That's all you could have done, Aurora. Rest is not in our hands."

I looked into her eyes, searching if she was disappointed but found nothing but genuineness. "Thanks for the pep talk."


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