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His Purchased Wife novel Chapter 27

Aurora POV

I sighed in suffocation. I have two options: either I walk back to our room or I wander around the hotel. I didn't want to face Susan right now, I was too emotional for that. So I decided to roam around the hotel. I walked to the gym area lost in my thoughts.

I cringed at the sound of loud music coming from inside as the haze I was in broke out. I turned to leave but bumped into something hard.

"Jesus!" I cursed as I fell on my lazy bump. A hand was offered to me to help me stand up. I took it and got on my legs. "I am so…"

I was talking but stopped when I saw who the person standing in front of me was. That Arrogant ass, Liam Knights!

"If you pay attention to your surroundings then you wouldn't have to apologize to me," He said with a proud arrogant expression on his face.

I snatched my hand away, "what are you doing here?" I snapped.

He raised his eyebrows, "I should ask you this question, Aurora, what are you doing in my city?" He asked.

"Your city! How much money did you buy it from the government of Canada?" I jabbed at him and he only chuckled.

"I need not buy it from anyone, Aurora, because I own it. Now, cut this crap and tell me what are you doing here?" He asked in his deep voice.

"Why should I tell you, who are you to ask me anything? What right do you have to question me about anything you arrogant fool!"

And his eyes changed the instant I used the word arrogant fool. The expression was changed from something calm to dangerous.

He grabbed my elbow in a tight bruising hold and pulled me close to himself.

"Don't. Ever. Disrespect. Me. Again!" He gritted out every word with so much force as if he was controlling himself from hurting me. I blinked twice in fear. The man looked dangerous at this moment.

I tried to wiggle out of his hold but he tightened his grip making me wince in pain. He grabbed my neck from behind with his other hand and fixed it in one position so that I couldn't turn it around.

He came near to my face, our eyes locked with each other. He was so close to me that his warm breath fanned my face. He might have had a glass of bourbon because I could smell it.

"If it was anyone else instead of you who used this kind of tone with me. I would have ripped his body apart piece by piece and fed it to my dogs but you are lucky that I want you Aurora…" he said in his deep voice. I even forgot to blink, a shiver ran down my body hearing him.

I sucked in a breath when I felt his thumb over my lips, "this beautiful face of yours is making me insane. The things I have planned to do with this body of yours is making me hard…"


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