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His Purchased Wife novel Chapter 28

Blonde hair, blue eyes and plump lips, Stella was her name. She was the complete replica of Aurora.

He sat on the sofa and gestured to her with his finger. She walked with seductive steps and smiled getting on her knees.

Their eyes met once, Liam glared at her in anger and she lowered her gaze. "I apologise, sir." She whispered.

Lian grabbed her hair in a tight fist, she opened his zipper and pulled out his hard on reaction out of his pants. Rolling her them swiftly over the precum she took it in her mouth.

Liam closed his eyes and imagined Aurora instead of Stella and the image made him wild in need.

I had felt a conundrum of emotions by seeing Aurora on her knees waiting for me, I couldn’t believe my obsession for her. How she brings out my dark and possessive side, the wild animal which I’ve hidden from the world comes out in front of her. She brings out every emotion in me which I’ve locked inside me.

“Liam, I want you to make me feel all the emotions which I’ve never felt before! It’s you who taught me that to be even pleasured in pain, that the darkness can also be beautiful in its way.

"Liam, I’m feeling hot all over l, it feels like my blood is burning in my veins. I've not felt such a feeling in my entire life!"

Liam never thought how a woman can look so beautiful on her knees. "Aurora, do you want me? Do you want to feel my touch?"

"Yes, Liam! Yes!" She moaned wildly.

"Then Stand up," I ordered her.

Aurora stood up in one fluid motion, obeying him. She was wearing Red lace panties which looked exotic on her naturally blushed skin.

Now "get out of your panties."

Aurora's fingers twitched as she hooked them in the waistband of her panties and then pulled them down.

"Give them to me Aurora" she made her doe-like eyes big while handing over the panties to Liam. Liam took them from her and smelled them. It's the most beautiful smell I've ever smelled.

While seeing him smelling her panties, she bit down on her bottom lips and whimpered. She blushed in the brightest shade of pink like a fresh pink Rose blossom in the morning.

"Turn Around and get on your all fours Aurora"

Liam watched as she followed his Command. Turning around and then bent down from the waist. Does it hurt you Aurora?

No, I'm fine, she replied in a throaty whisper like she is more than expecting this hot session between them!


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