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His Purchased Wife novel Chapter 29

Aurora POV:-

"OMG girlz! That man could kiss like a pro, I could still feel myself in his arms," Emily chirped dreamily.

"Will you stop your telling a tale about that fucking session with your hot price of ass and focus on work. Some might not need it but we do, at the end of the day it's important for our career unless you are someone who just wants to think about a man who didn't care about her."

I closed my eyes and fisted my hands to remain calm but this continuous taunting from her was making her furious. "Em! Tell that person sitting in front of you that the person she was talking about knew her responsibilities really well and her personal issues will not be a hurdle in her career."

"Ya right! I saw that myself how that person was just being submissive as the other person wished her to be and if her best friend told her something about it she just became angry at her and fought with her. So I know how responsible that person is."

We both were talking to each other through Emily who looked at us both with a disgusting expression on her face. "Alright stop it both of you and tell me what the fuck happened between you both again?" She snapped at us.

I glanced at Susan who let out a deep sigh, "what happens is I am fucking worried about us and her! Just tell me Em, since she started dating has she given us enough time? No, her day starts with Gabe and ends with him. It's like we are not important in her life. I would have accepted that trust me, but she is taking her career for granted as well!

I gasped at her accusation, I pushed Emily aside and walked to Susan. " Are you accusing me of forgetting our friendship?" I snarled at her.

"Yes! I am saying exactly that Aurora. Okay, my thoughts could be biased because I don't like Gabe but Emily is here, ask her about it." She gestured at Emily with her chin. I turned to her and she raised her brows and shrugged casually.

"Do you feel the same way Em?" I asked her hurt by Susan's way of thinking. I love her and Emily both. Yes, Gabe was one of the most important persons in my life but Susan and Emily were part of my life way before Gabe. How could she even think like that about me?

"Tell me!" I snapped at Emily.

"Well, please don't mind Aurora but Susan is right. Since Gabe came into your life your priorities changed. Before Gabe, you were focused on your career even when we had no orders and now, when we have a golden opportunity in our hands you are still distracted because of Gabe. You might not feel it but we do, Aurora. You have changed a lot…"

I blinked twice, all I could feel at that moment was horrible. I turned my head to Susam who had her hands crossed over her chest and looked away from me. She rolled her shoulder to her cheek and cleared her throat. I felt like a complete failure. How could I be such an idiot?

Susan had no one except for me, we were together since kindergarten. Our mom's used to be friends and we were more than friends, we were sorority sisters to each other. After her mom died and her dad married thrice she felt dejected with him. She called me her only family and I failed her. I failed my bestie.

I glanced at Emily who nodded at me in encouragement. With heavy feet, I walked up to Susan. She still didn't look my way. I rolled my lips inward and moved closer to her, so close that our shoulders touched. She stepped back and I moved a step further again.

Susan rolled her eyes. I touched my shoulder with hers and cleared my throat. "Alright, I am sorry, Susie…" I apologised using the name I used to call her in kindergarten because I found Susan hard to. She let out a throaty chuckle.

"Don't use that name…" she said in fake anger but I could see a little smile on her lips and the next thing I knew she pulled me in her arms.

"I am so sorry, Susan," I said, hugging her tightly.

"Don't leave me out, you both always do that!" Emily whispered and joined our hugging out session.

She broke our hug and gazed into my eyes. "I love you, Aurora and I can't see you spoiling your career for a man."

"Sus…" I tried to speak but she shook her head.

"No please listen to me first, I know you love him but girl, loving someone doesn't mean forgetting everyone else. You are forgetting everything else. Your dreams of becoming the World's best jewellery designer. Your dream of opening your jewellery brand showrooms. Your mind nowAdays is stuck on only one thing, Gabe. Will Gabe like this or not? Gabe Gabe Gabe...Aurora gives herself a break. You are his fiancee, not his slave goddamn it!"

I kept my mouth shut. What else could I do? I know whatever I would say Susan won't understand it. She didn't know why Gabe wanted me to behave in a certain way. He was scared of losing me. I saw how scared and emotional he was but Susan would even negatively see that.

So I ignored talking to her about Gabe. If she and Emily feel that my relationship with Gabe was making me forget my relationship with them then I won't let her feel the same way again.

"Alright, tell me what do you want me to do?" I asked her.

She glanced at Emily who nodded. "I want you not to call Gabe till he calls you himself and focus on this contest only."

I raised my chin proudly. "Done deal! I gave her a thumbs-up sign and she smiled.

Emily and she shared a look. " Alright, then get ready because the results of today's presentation were about to be disclosed and we only have 15 minutes left." She said with wide eyes and a look of horror on her face as her eyes went to the wall clock and the reality hit her that we only have fifteen minutes to get ready!

Yea! Fifteen minutes, it would take me at least thirty minutes to do my hair only. We all ran to our rooms to get ready on time and we managed to dress up in fifteen minutes.

Today was the day of achievements for me. First I kicked that arrogant asshole in the shins, the look on his face still made me proud of myself. I mean dad was worried about me in vain, see how cleverly I defended myself.


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