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His Purchased Wife novel Chapter 30

"Are you alive?" Susan whispered, shaking my elbow when I didn't respond. I was frozen to the core. My mind needed time to process this information. Goddamn it, I did it. We did it.

We are selected in the second round!! OMFG!

My eyes were fixed on my beautifully manicured nails, I would not be washing dirty dishes in the future. The thought made me squeal in happiness, I was astounded to the core.

"We did it, girls…." I screamed, swirling around in joy not caring that I was standing in a crowd of fifty hundred people here.

"Well someone is happy here…" I heard Katie commenting on my victory dance and everyone laughed at my childish act.

"Okay, stop it now!" Susan gritted out stopping me from making a fool of myself in front of everyone anymore.

Emily air-kissed me and I gave her a kiss of mine. "Thanks, girl, now I will be going on that cruise with that hot piece of ass!"

Susan rolled her eyes but I gave her a thumbs up.

"So now ladies and gentlemen we wish best of luck to every single contestant who got evicted today but you all will be rewarded with a certificate from us and a sum of ten thousand dollars for your future endeavours."

We all clapped. I was sad for the people I know everyone came here to win but as the saying goes may the best man win.

"Now for all the five finalists, please be ready till eight in the morning tomorrow. We will leave for the cruise at 9 am. Till then goodbye and good night!" Katie informed us.

People started congratulating me and my girls. We wished luck and exchanged numbers with a few of them whose designs we liked. We never knew if we needed them in the future. At the end of the day, we planned to open a big brand that would require a workforce of at least fifty people.

After an hour we were in our room with two champagne bottles finished and a third one on the go.

"Wow! I am flying, look at me, Aurora, I am flying…"

I giggled at Susan. "And I am behind you, Susie…look at us Em! We are flying in the sky without a plane."

"Bruh!" She let out a throaty giggle.

"Stop this fake flying, you want to know what flying without a plane really means…"

She stood up with slurred legs. "It felt awesome, I was in the stars In the evening while fucking that hot billionaire against the wall!"

And that made me and Susan giggle. "You did a victory fuck!"

"Nah! He said no to that but girl, he was wild, so wild…" she fanned her face with her hand.

"Wooow!" Susan whistled.

"Wild? Is he a B man or V man?" She asked Emily and I frowned at them.

Emily let out a throaty giggle before answering Susan's question. "He is a B man."

Susan made a face. "Lucky you, I only got only V till now."

"What is B and V man, Susie?" I asked them.

Emily rolled her eyes. "What! You don't know what B and V man is, Aurora?" She asked, stunned.

I pouted. "No! That's why I'm asking you, Em!"

"B means Bo**s and V means Va**na, Aurora."

I frowned. "What does it mean to have a B or V Man," I asked again.

Susan sighed. "B man loves to cuddle with your bosom more while fucking you and V loves touching you Vag****a while fucking."

"And mind you, Alexandrios could make me come just by touching my Boobs, ah! The squeeze he gave my pinky made my legs weak. I felt the friction straight between my legs."

I was silent while they both were sharing their sex stories with each other. I didn't want to listen to their dirty secrets so I said them goodbye and walked into my room.

In my room, I stood in front of the huge mirror and looked at myself.


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