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His Purchased Wife novel Chapter 31

"Are you ready girls…" Emily asked in her chirping morning voice.

"Ya…" I drawled, frowning at her attire.

"What the hell are you wearing?" I asked, giving her an unimpressed look. She was wearing a gown, a godforsaken gown with a hat. And not just any gown she was dressed in the fashion of the 1920s.

"I am going on a cruise, a goddamn cruiser Aurora and that too with Mr hot billionaire. Oh! How I always wanted to recreate the Titanic signature scene. So I dressed accordingly," she joined her hands together, her face holding an overwhelming expression with her eyebrows raised and lips curved in a smile. Her eyes held a dreamy look.

"Em! I think you really need a shrink."

She rolled her eyes. "I don't need a shrink, I need another orgasm."

I huffed, shaking my head. She won't stop her idiotic chatter and I need to get ready for the cruise. I could not afford to be late.

I was about to move but the door of Susan's room opened and she stepped outside wearing a simple white off-shoulder dress.

"Are you both ready…" she asked but stopped when her eyes moved to Emily.

"What the hell are you wearing?"

Emily gasped at the tone of Susan's voice. "What?" She snapped, putting her hand on her chest.

"We are contestants of a Jewellery designing competition, not some fancy dress contest. So do us a favour and change into something modern."

"Madam wanted to recreate Titanic's signature pose with that hot billionaire," I told Susan about Emily's plan with crossing my hands to my chest.

"Yes, so what is the problem with that?"

Susan walked to her and rested her hand on Emily's shoulder. "If you don't want your fate to end up like Titanic's then just go and change into something tolerable, Emily Samson or I will throw you in the sea over the top of that cruise, I promise or so, Help me god!"

She pinched her lips in a thin line. Her brows pulled together as she stood up from the couch she was sitting upon. "You both just can't see me happy, Hm!" Saying that she turned on her heels and thumbed the door of her room soundly that our ears screeched at the sound.

I shook my head in irritation but then, Susan looked my way "and why the hell are you not dressed yet?"

I raised my hands in the air, gesturing surrender. "Okay, I am going."

"Do that."

I turned and rolled my eyes because I couldn't do that in front of her. Susan was like a Mamma hen when she was angry. I walked to my room and changed into a beautiful baby blue tank top and a white skirt. I was confused with my hairstyle so I decided to do a French braid.

"Perfect," I complimented myself with a flying kiss to my impression in the mirror. Gripping the handle of my handbag I walked out of the room and found Emily dressed in a sect high slit black dress.

"Em! Really, are we going to a ball?"

She rolled her eyes, "look both of you, I changed my dress once already and not going to do that again. So whether you like it or not I am wearing it!"

"God, give me patience today with both of you!" Susan muttered under her breath.

"What did I do?"

"You took thirty-five minutes to get ready, goddamnit!" Susan snapped.

I rolled my lips inward and sighed. "Only thirty-five minutes Susan."

She raised her hand to stop us from talking any further than she rolled her fingers inward and pointed her forefinger at Emily and me both.

"We don't have time to waste on these stupid things, girls. I am begging you both to please be serious about this competition now because not it's only between five contestants. Now it's the fight for our survival."

She looked at me and I straightened up my spine. "Aurora, your dreams, our dreams," she pointed her finger to Emily and her both. "depends on your next designs, don't forget last time it was nothing but pure luck that we got selected."

I nodded in understanding. She was right, enjoying the trip was okay but I don't forget that I came here for work, not for holidays.

"Are we clear, girls!" She asked.

"Yes!" Emily and I spoke at the same time. We both squeezed our eyes and blew her a kiss. She smiled and we all walked out of our room and met Katie in the auditorium where she informed us about the Cruise and the next round of the contest.

"A designer must realise the importance of the development of their designs. Drawing a design on paper was another thing, but crafting it, in reality, was different. So in the next round, you all have to craft your designs not on paper but metal. Yes, you hear me right now you have made them yourself too using real diamonds, so be careful while doing it because a single mistake and your journey here in this contest will be over."

I took in a sharp breath to calm my racing heart. "I can do it! No need to be scared," I reminded myself.


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