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His Purchased Wife novel Chapter 32

My eyes widened and my mouth hanging open hearing Katie telling me about the challenge for the next round.

"Design inspired by world art and culture!!"

I bit my lower lip from inside. I didn't even know the history of the USA, let alone the world. I mean obviously, I know about jewellery designing but I didn't study it.

Right now the only thought that was running in my mind was, I should have taken a professional jewellery designing course for two years instead of going on vacation in Sweden for about eight months two years ago.

But back then, that was my way of getting motivated and getting out of that depression that I felt after Rawls rejected my designs. And here I am standing with an open mouth and an idiotic expression over my face of just thinking about the next round.

Four hours that's all I have and In these four hours, I have to design a masterpiece on metal that is inspired by some art or culture. These people have gone mad even thinking that I would be able to do it.

"Aurora, do you remember how we used to skip Mrs Jhonson's history classes in high school?" Emily whispered, I just gave her a single nod.

"Well, karma just came to bite us in our asses now. Fuck! Are you sure she said world art and culture?"

I gulped. "Yes…" the voice came out like a grumble.

"Aurora!" A sharp voice came from Susan and my heart quickened its speed. I didn't dare to glance her way.

"Look at me, now!"

Blinking continuously like a child, I looked at her with a crying face but straightened my expression when I saw her strict face.


"Art and Culture! You don't even know your culture!! What are we going to do now?" She snapped and I closed my eyes in fear.

"Let's meet you all after four hours!" Katie announced smiling and for the first time I wanted to claw her eyes out.

How could she give me this difficult task?

"Aurora Kings! Answer me!" Susan snapped again and I opened my eyes.

"Ah! Um! I mean...ah!..." I sat down on the chair with a thump not caring about anyone else around me and cried anxiously, without a single tear from my eyes. "I don't have any idea what I would be doing, Susan. History, I hated it to the core!!"

Susan rolled her eyes and shook her head. "Let's go to our cabins and see what we can do," she glanced at Emily and gestured towards the table for the designing equipment and raw material.

"Go and bring our equipment to our cabin till then I see what this girl could make for us to stay in this contest."

Emily nodded and left to bring the equipment while we left for our cabin where Susan started her third degree on me.

"Think, Aurora, think there would be something we could do! Anything, any design that could resemble any form of art and culture…" Susan explained and I didn't know what I should say to her.

Anxiously touched mom's pendant and suddenly a memory popped up in my mind. It was the day mom gave the necklace to me…

"Aurora, come here my love," Mom called me while I was playing in the garden with Mrs Dolan.

"Yes, Momo…" I said as I came running to her. My mom was wearing her favourite white dress and she looked like an angel in that dress. Her blonde hair complemented her dress perfectly while her smile brightened her whole face. My mom was the most beautiful lady in the world.

"Turn around love."

I frowned but did as she said and suddenly cold metal touched my skin making me wince but then I touched the world's most beautiful jewellery piece.

"Momo, this is so pretty!" I said touching the necklace.

She gave me one of her beautiful smiles which brightened my day. "This is your grandfather's last gift for me and I am giving it to you today. Preserve it with you my love and one day when you grow up into a beautiful woman, when you become a mother, give it to your child on his or her birthday so that they could continue the legacy. This necklace represents love so make sure you give it when you are sure the next person will preserve it like you did."

I frowned at the necklace. "Momo,what is so special about this necklace that it represents love?"

She sighed and patted the seat beside her. "Come and sit here." And I did. She touched the pendent.

"I will tell you a story about it. Listen to me very carefully, alright love."

I blinked. "Okay momo," I said as she started her story.

"In Greek mythology, the rose was created by the goddess of flowers, Chloris. One day, she found the lifeless body of a nymph in the woods and she turned her into a flower. She called upon Aphrodite, goddess of love, and Dionysus, the god of wine. ... That is how the rose was created and rightfully crowned 'Queen of Flowers.' Now look at the design carefully, You see this rose and the wings of a nymph in the pendant."

I nodded, touching the wings. "The rose represents love and wings represents what falling in love feels like. The sky became your limit Aurora. Love gives you wings to fly in the sky. Your grandfather took inspiration from Greek mythology before creating this design; it resembles true love."

My heart thumped as the memory lane ended and I screamed in excitement while jumping up and down like a kangaroo.


Susan'seyes broadened. "Oh God, Aurora, are you okay. Do I need to call a doctor? Please don't lose your mind…" She panicked seeing me behaving like this.


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