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His Purchased Wife novel Chapter 33

"That's my design!" I couldn't stop myself from saying it aloud.

Every face in the auditorium turned my way. On any other day, I would have felt anticipated but today I was raging in fury. An uncontrollable fury!!

I walked to the stage, seething in anger and stood up in front of George. "You cheat! You stole my design."

"Excuse me, mind your words, Miss kings. You have no right to accuse me of something which I didn't do," George retorted back in the same manner as I.

"Stop lying…" I barked as I opened the jewellery box and pulled out the replica of my pendant. "You stole this from me!"

"What is the meaning of all this, Miss Kings? Please tell us clearly," Katie asked as all the judges stood up and walked to us.

"I'll tell you what happened," I said as I pointed my finger at George who was standing there as if he did nothing wrong. Bloody cheat! "This man stole my design from me and presented it here as his own."

"Now you are crossing the lines missy, that's my design so stop lying. And why would I steal your design? Who are you, some rich man's daughter? Unlike you I am a world famous designer…"

"Oh cut the crap Mr, we all are equal here…" Susan came in my support with Emily beside her. "And trust me when I am saying this you are lucky we didn't come here using her surname if we had done that you didn't know what could have happened!"

"So now you are trying to scare me, I will go to the court and sue you both for tempering my reputation…"

"I think you all should be calm here for a second," Katie said.

"Not until he accepts his crime!"

"Miss Kings, calm down please." She turned towards George, "and you Mr George, don't try to scare us of a legal lawsuit because you are under a signed contract with our company and I gather you didn't read it before signing it because if you had you wouldn't have used the word 'lawsuit' here. Second, our judges are here to decide if what Miss Kings just said we trust or not."

"Do you have any proof that the design belongs to you, Miss kings?"

"Yes, my friends were there…"

"Certainly the judges are not going to prove me guilty only on the basis of oral testimony of Miss King's friends here because just like her I too have someone who was with me while I was creating the design," George said.

"Please tell us the name of that person, Mr George." Kevin Rawls said.

"Evelyn Rodriguez, she was with me while I was designing my model."

My eyes turned to Evelyn who came forward and lied to her teeth. "Look, miss Katie, we both are well-known jewellery designers and I am shocked you didn't believe George because I know it's his creation. How could you believe a girl with no professional background. I mean she is nothing but a rich brat."

"Excuse me!" Susan snapped but she raised her brow in superiority.

"Truth is hard to digest honey, so shut up!"

"Oh you just shut your bitchy mouth for once and all you old hog!" Susan retorted.


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