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His Purchased Wife novel Chapter 34

I unlocked the pendant from my neck. "This is the original design I took inspiration from. My grandfather made it for my mom. You can read it in his memoir, it is available on the internet under his name. The design is not available due to copyright as he wanted the design to be his legacy. But a rough description of the design is available."

"It means she stole it from someone else!" Evelyn pointed out.

"That's my legacy, given to me by my grandfather and my mother. I am the owner of it and an owner does not steal from itself Miss Evelyn." I snapped.

Alexandrios stood up with the microphone in his hand. "It's not easy for us to decide here as both parties define the description beautifully. I know it's not fair to other contestants but it's a special case we have. So today we all are going to study the design and decide the real culprit here. After that we will continue the second round."

Everyone in the auditorium nodded. "In the meantime, Miss Kings, we need your necklace to study it to make our decision. So you have to submit it to us for today."

I nodded and handed my necklace to Alexandrios. "Please take care of It. This is very precious to me. It's my mom's last gift for me…"

He gave me a reassuring smile. "Don't worry, Miss Kings. I will take care of it as if it's my own."

"Alright, contestants. You have a day off. You all can enjoy the weather for today as the judges will be busy handling the case at their hands. Enjoy the cruise because tomorrow the contest will start again and we are going to choose our three finalists."

We all walked out the auditorium. I was angry and irritated over the situation. Susan and Emily followed me. "I am so sorry, Aurora. I swear I didn't leave the box even for a second. I don't know how they managed to steal it from us." Emily said in a low voice. I patted her hand in assurance.

"It's not your fault, Em," I assured her and she gave me a hug.

"So the loser is hugging goodbye…" George and Evelyn came to us. I turned towards them.

"Oh no! You both are not going anywhere that easily because once the design proved mine I will not leave you both. I will take you both to every court in the country and won't stop until you both rot in jail. And what did you call me, yes! A rich brat. Just wait, miss Evelyn Rodriguez because this rich brat will show you what she could do or what my dad will do to both of you when I tell him about this incident."

"You bitch…" Evelyn took a step in my direction while George held her back.

"Let's go girls," I said and we walked away from those thieves.

"Aurora, calm down. Tomorrow everything will be fine and you know what, let's go to the bar area and lets get wasted to forget today," Susan said and Emily agreed with her.

"No, I am not in the mood."

"Oh cmon girl!"

After a lot of persuasion I accepted going to the bar area to get drunk. And by God! The atmosphere took my breath away. Neon lights were making our skin blue and green, loud music was a treat to my ears.

"Let's forget the sh***y day!" Emily yells over the high beat music.

And I smiled, letting myself loose in the world of music and liquor as Emily bought another glass of vodka.


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