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His Purchased Wife novel Chapter 5

"Hey Susan, Let's go to some Italian Restaurant, I'm craving some Italian food."

I don't know but from some time ago, at the restaurant which I went to last time, the taste of the food was still lingering in my mouth. It blasted all my taste buds and left an ecstasy in my mouth.

I'm craving the same food again and again.

I know being a celebrity I should keep myself out of reach for these high-calorie foods but the taste is so delicious that I keep thinking about the same food again and again.

I know this is insane, me being Aurora king, daughter of Ethan king( the no.1 billionaire of America), talking about food like this doesn’t suit me but what to do, I’m a big foodie and it’s my biggest weakness. My mother was the best chef in the world and she always made great dishes for me, but after her demise, I crave delicious food. But after such a long period, I got the same taste from this restaurant’s food. I just hope the taste remains the same as I tasted it last time.

"Susan, Susan are you coming or not?" Ah!!! This Susan always makes me late but what to do I’m so in love with my bestie that no matter how much she troubles, I love her so much.

"Aurora, I’m coming."

"Oh yeah, you are cumming and from cumming, I mean the cumming in sex."

Yeah, she is the biggest sex addict whom I’ve ever known. She can live without food, but she cannot live without sex.

"Uff! So, finally, you got time for your best friend huh?"

"God Aurora, I Can’t tell you how hot the guy was, I Can’t help it, you see. I love the way he fucked me."

I shrieked at her crude language."Yeah, yeah whatever!! Now let’s go, I’m dying out of hunger."

"Yeah! Aurora, you and your hunger, I seriously don’t understand how you have such a beautiful hourglass figure when you eat so much."

"Now, enough of your talk, let’s go and have my favourite food."

I don’t know but this place gives me solace. The beautiful wooden furniture on the top of the roof with exotic plants and the cool breeze of air that passes through my Hair. It feels like my mother is caressing my hair. I got my eyes wet but I know I can’t cry or it will be headlines in tomorrow’s news.

Alas! The beautiful memories of my mother. She used to be the centre of my universe but after her death, it was just dad and me. Shaking my head to clear the memories away I looked for the place to sit but luck was not on my side today.

There was no place to sit inside. That's the problem with these small yet cosy and famous restaurants. They pack up immediately after opening up. So here goes my lunch plan.

"Are we going to eat lunch standing on our legs, Aurora?" Susan asked in her high octave voice, raising her brows dramatically.

I rolled my eyes. "No. A server will come here to invite us inside and give us the best table here," I imitated her but as if God just granted me a moment of luck. A man did come to us and not only that he invited us inside.

"Wow! That was quick."

I ignored Susan and accepted his offer. My stomach was screaming in hunger and the delicious aroma of Italian food, the smell of garlic and herbs made me drool over the food.

He took us to a small table for two in the corner. It was a little away from the other tables and near the manager's office.

"Here is the menu madam." The server said, handing me the menu card. Unlike the five star restaurants, I usually go with dad, here the menu was not fixed in the leather cover. It was a thick red and green paper which was laminated to protect it from getting damaged with continuous touching from an nth number of people.

"The place is small but the aroma of food is mouth-watering," Susan started, I nodded in agreement.

The waiter left, leaving us both to decide our order.

The Menu read:-

Caprese Salad with Pesto Sauce.



Focaccia Bread.

Pasta Carbonara.

Margherita Pizza.

Mushroom Risotto.

Pasta Con Pomodoro E Basilico and so on.

"There is a lot to decide, Aurora. Hmm! I am confused?" Susan said, reading the menu.

"Try Mushroom Risotto. It's delicious." I told her deciding that I would be having the same with

Focaccia Bread and Pasta Carbonara.

"Drinks?" She asked again. "You know what, let's order the classic Italian red wine…"

"I won't drink Susan, I have to drive," I told her firmly because I knew she would start persuading me to drink again. I didn't want to get a ticket once again like last time.

"Been there, done that, not going to do it again, Susan. I still remember the last time. If dad had not interfered that day we would be facing a court trial."

"Ya well, I tried to save us," she muttered evasively.

"By hitting on the traffic inspector. He was married for God's sake!"

She pursued her lips in a thin line."He feared his wife, he was into it but got scared because that whiney bitch came to meet him. Anyway, let's finish this discussion and order your boring lemonade. That's the only thing we would be drinking anyway," she murmured, moving her hand in the air to dismiss the talk we were having.

I sighed, she would never accept what she did was wrong and my hunger would kill me if I didn't get anything to eat soon. I looked for the server but as if he had disappeared in the air.

"Let me find a server, I can't wait for anyone to notice us and come to take our order."

I told her and stood up to find myself a server. I was about to walk over to a waiter when a man bumped into me. "Can't you see?" I complained, rubbing my hand to soothe the pain.

"I apologize, but it was you who bumped into me." He said and that made me raise my head to see the man who dared to blame me for his mistake.

"Excuse me!" I snapped at him but when I saw his face I was short of breath.

The man standing in front of me was handsome, I have never seen someone like him.

Blonde hair, blue eyes, Sharp cheekbones. He was around 29 or something. Definitely in the late twenties. Looking at his height I could say he was 6'1 or something as I was 5'6 myself.

"Yes, it was your mistake…" he said as if he owned the world.


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