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Doted by My Billionaire Husband (Olive and Elvis) novel Chapter 9

Chapter 94 Let her go
Olive was no longer there. Elvis quickly opened his eyes, the sleepiness had
disappeared from his eyes.
Elvis sat up and got out of the bed. His eyes searched around the room. He opened the
bathroom door, but she still wasn’t there.
“Where did she go?” He questioned inwardly.
He could not remember how many wounds he had caused her. But all he knew was
that, his actions were despicable and shameful. He was disgusted at himself.
He knew that she must have suffered a lot of injuries and must have been extremely
Was she gonna come back?
Elvis took out his phone and clicked on Olive’s phone number. He wanted to dail it, but
he was unable to press the dial button.
He placed the phone on the bed and went into the bathroom. After he had taken a
shower, he went downstairs and meet his grandma.
“Elvis, you woke up very late today. Why did Olive leave so early? You two quarreled,
right?” Mrs. Samantha inquired.
“We didn’t have a quarrel.” Elvis denied.
“That’s good. That girl needs to be taken proper care off. She is so obedient and tender.
You can call her later and take her out on a candlelight dinner.
Elvis smiled softly.
“Grandma, I don’t think I’ll call Olive anymore.”
“Why?” Mrs. Samantha questioned with a curious expression.
“Before I met Olive, I never thought that I was an abnormal person. But since I met her,
I realized how abnormal I am.” He licked his lips and continued, “What if I can’t always
control my self. I really did hurt her last night, and I feel terrible about it.”
“I just have to let her go. I can’t be selfish to keep her and then hurt her the way I did
again.“Elvis let out a breathe.
“Grandma, it’s fine. I still have you by my side. I’ll go to the company now.” Elvis hugged
Mrs. Samantha then headed to the door.
Old Mrs Samantha watched her grandson leave. She sighed heavily. She knew that her
company wasn’t enough, and that Elvis needed someone else in his life.
He needed a girl who would love him, and whom he’ll also love.
Mrs Samantha sat sadly on the dinning table, as she wondered what the future had in
stock for Elvis and Olive.
Maria hurried downstairs and whispered with a smile to Mrs Samantha,
“Ma’am, I went to tidy up the room of young master. I found out that the sheets needs to
be changed.”
The old lady looked at Maria, she lifted up herself and queried,
“Are you sure?”
“Yes ma’am, it’s true. Not only does the sheet needs to be changed, the pillows as well.”
Maria affirmed.
Mrs Samantha’s face was nostalgic. She sighed and said to Maria.
“I’m famished, get me something to eat.”
Sure, ma’am.” Maria left for the kitchen.
Mrs. Samantha had finished her second slice of pastrami sandwich, when her phone
The housekeeper, Mr. Henry took Mrs. Samantha’s phone from the living room and took
it to her.
He reported in a panic,
“Ma’am, it’s the lady of the imperial city.”
Mrs Samantha glared at Henry with contempt.
“What are you panicking about?”
The old lady answered the call and said,
“Hello, Helen, call me back later.”
Helen Augustine, who was far way in the imperial smiled apologetically.
“Mom, if it wasn’t urgent, I wouldn’t have dared to disturb you. It’s my son, Marvin, he
once signed a marriage contract to the daughter of an old friend. Now, Marvin has come
of age. Can you please give us back Marvin’s engagement token? Without the
engagement token, we can’t know who his fiance is.”
Madam Samantha placed the sandwich in her hand into the plate.
“Helen, what do you mean? You suspect that I stole Marvin’s engagement token, do you
mean to say that I’m a thief?”
Mr. Henry secretly gave the lady a thumbs up.
Mum, you
misunderstood me. I would never call you a thief.” Helen chipped in defiantly.
The old lady’s expression had changed.
“Look, Helen, I didn’t take Marvin’s engagement token. Why do you people keep
troubling me, you took my son away from me, I didn’t make trouble. I’ve been here in
LA, all to myself, you still find it fit, to bother me.” Mrs. Samantha spoke as she sobbed.
Helen on the other end could hear Mrs Samantha’s tired cries. She quickly hang up the
Hearing that Helen had hung up, Mrs. Samantha threw the phone to Henry. She turned
to her sandwich and continued eating it.
Marvin was Elvis’s younger brother, and Helen was Elvis’s stepmother. Mrs. Samantha
had indeed taken the engagement token, and she didn’t bother on returning it because
Olive was the daughter of the old friend to Helen. and the fiance of Marvin, the second
son of the Augustine family.
However, Olive was now Elvis’s wife.


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