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Doted by My Billionaire Husband (Olive and Elvis) novel Chapter 12

The Substitute Bride: Doted by My billionaire Husband by Sumpto Midway
Chapter 12 Biting the Corner of His Lips.
The voice was familiar to Olive.
She looked up, and without a doubt it was Elvis’s handsome face staring at her.
“Why… What are you doing here?” Olive stuttered. She hadn’t really expected to see
him there.
Elvis pressed her wrist tighter and stepped closer to her. “If I don’t come, my hair will
turn gray.”
“What do you mean?” Olive’s face was expressionless.
Elvis furrowed his brows and questioned, “Who was that with you?”
Olive knew that he had misunderstood, she quickly explained in a soothing tone, “I have
nothing to do with Mr.Ronald, I’m just here to deal with some stuffs.”
By going dancing on the pole?”
“I…” Olive faltered and a frown appeared on her face,” Mr. Augustine, you’re acting a
little weird today. Didn’t we agree not to prey into each other’s personal lives?”
In split seconds, Elvis quickly took her lips into his. Olive panicked and hastily tried
breaking free from him. “Mr. Augustine, you’re going too far!”
Elvis blinked his eyelids and tightened his grip on her wrist, “Did our agreement also
include that I can’t kiss you? Now that I’m kissing you, what will you do to me?”
“Mr. Augustine, let me go!” Olive struggled. A knock was suddenly heard on the door.”
Olive, what’s going on in there? I heard an unusual noise.”
Olive’s breath increased. She was so frightened, “1.. I accidentally fell. I’m fine now.”
“Then bath quickly, I can’t wait.”
While discussing with Mr. Ronald, she felt Elvis’s lips trail her neck.
His soft lips came back to hers and he kissed her passionately.
The previous time, he had unintentionally kissed her in the car. But now, it was different.
He really was kissing her.
His cool breath fell on her face. There was still a faint smell of tobacco in his breathe.
Elvis didn’t shut his eyes, he stared at her beautiful bewildered face.
He reminisced on the way she pole danced on the stage. Her adorable skin had
fascinated many men.
She indeed was the main character.
The girl he met in the train. The same girl he married. All he could see now was her
beauty, intelligence, calmness and smartness.
Sometimes she was playful like a puppy, and other times she was cunning as a fox.
But when it came to love affairs, she was as clean as a blank sheet of paper.
Lost in his admiration for her. He felt the corner of lips being bitten vigorously. He
hurriedly let go of her. And held onto his bleeding lips.
“Are you a dog? You like to bite so much.” Elvis stroked the corner of his mouth.
She replied angrily, “Who told you that you could do that?
Realizing how angry his actions had made her, Elvis said softly. “I’m sorry.”
Olive looked at him and said, “Mr. Augustine, let me make things clear. As long as I’m in
a contract marriage with you, it’s absolutely impossible for me to cheat on you. But you
shouldn’t blame me if other men find me attractive, I don’t control their feelings.”
“So according to you, I’m not allowed to be jealous?” Elvis replied with a smirk.
Elvis words made Olive mute. She had never thought that he would be jealous because
of her.
“Olive, are you alright? If you don’t come out now, I’ll definitely come in. We’ll have a
bath together.” Mr. Ronald said from outside.
Elvis tuck his left hand into his trouser’s pocket and slowly made for the door. Olive
quickly pulled him back, “Mr. Augustine, what are you doing?”
“I’ve never thought of having a bath with you. Why would he?”
Olive blushed and comforted him softly. “Don’t be upset Mr. Augustine, I can deal with
“Leave him to me” Elvis persisted.
“No Mr. Augustine, I said before that I don’t want to rely on others. So I’ll handle my
affairs myself. Don’t interfere.” Olive insisted. Elvis stared at her and didn’t utter another
“Just stay here. I’ll be going in now.” Olive opened the bathroom door and walked out.
“Olive, why didn’t you take a shower?” Mr. Ronald inquired the moment she stepped
into the room.
“I suddenly changed my mind.”
Mr Ronald rushed up to her, “Alright, alright. We’ll take a bath together later.”
Monica was afraid that Olive might pull off another stunt, so she placed her left ear on
the door and eavesdropped.
Suddenly, no movement could be heard in the room. A few seconds later, an abnormal
sounds were heard.
What happened?
Olive swift agreement to the appointment seemed a little off. Monica smelled something
fishy. With quietness emanating from the room, Monica swiftly pushed open the door.
“Mr Ronald, what happened?” She questioned as she moved in. But there was no one
in the room and also on the
Monica thought it was strange. She turned around and sighted Mr. Ronald who stood
with a bare chest. He suddenly rushed up and hugged her, “Beautiful one, hurry up, let
have some fun!”
He grabbed Monica and threw her into the bed. She was stunned. Mr. Ronald had
already torn off the buttons of her dress.


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