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Doted by My Billionaire Husband (Olive and Elvis) novel Chapter 14

The Substitute Bride: Doted by My billionaire Husband by Sumpto Midway
Chapter 14 Small Vinegar Jar
Harry blinked severally, as he thought he was hallucinating….
A gigolo?
Elvis glanced at the check and his deep eyes landed on Gabriella’s beautiful face. He
said indifferently. “What do you mean?”
Gabriella has already met with Elvis at the cake shop. Now that she saw him again, she
still felt her heart skip a beat. She replied authoritatively. “The check is yours. Stay away
from Olive. I’ll take care of you.”
Harry was perplexed. In his entire existence, he hadn’t seen someone supported Elvis
with money.
Elvis tucked his hands into his pocket, and soon, the corner of his mouth curled into a
He said nothing to reject or humiliate her, but Gabriella’s face was already reddened by
his smirk. “What’s funny?”
“Nothing. It’s just confidence. But I’d better go home and look in the mirror.” Elvis
muttered and walked past her.
All of Gabriella’s enthusiasm had just vanished. She didn’t expect gigolos to be so
Elvis stopped as he sighted Olive. Olive has been watching him for a while.
Elvis looked at her, and after some seconds, he swiftly took out his hands from his
pocket, “She was just trying to seduce me!”
Elvis who was cold and inviolable the previous seconds was now speaking in a tone of
“Olive, it’s you again!” Gabriella clenched her fists and gritted her teeth in hatred.
Olive walked closer, her body still blocking Elvis’s face, “Gabriella, I always thought you
were a low version of Monica, but your mum really should be ecstatic, because you
inherited all her traits, and also like to steal other people’s men just like her!”
“How dare you!…”
Olive didn’t wait for Gabriella to finish her speech, she immediately took cheque from
her hand. “Fifty thousand? Gabriella, how did you raise such amount of money? It seem
like you really want my gigolo, don’t you?
The fifty thousand dollars was all of Gabriella’s savings and she had even borrowed
some from her friends. She had fallen head over heels for Elvis, so she was ready to
give all she had.
“It’s a pity, no matter how much you give, it’s useless. He doesn’t like you.” Olive spoke
confidently. She turned to Elvis, “Tell her whose man you are!”
Elvis gazed at her and with a smile he said.“Olive’s, I’m Olive’s man.”
Olive’s heart skipped a beat. She had already taken control of the audience, but as
soon his magnetic voice uttered those words, her body froze.
Olive hastily retracted her gaze and glared at Gabriella with a warning, “Gabriella, I’ll let
this pass. Next time, if I catch you trying to seduce my man again, do not blame me for
being rude to you.”
Olive held onto Elvis’s hand, “Let’s go.”
“What the fuck! This girl is so domineering!” Harry muttered with his hands on his lips.
Gabriella’s body shook furiously. She knew Olive had a sharp tongue, but she didn’t
expect it to be so poisonous. Elvis was pulled away by Olive. Her hands, small and soft.
Elvis moved his fingers wanting to hold her hand. However Olive shook off his hands
and snorted, “Are you satisfied that two women are fighting for you?“.
“Why do I think that you’re jealous?” Elvis’s said with a chuckle.
“I’m not.”
Olive turned to glare at him. “I just saved you now. But it seemed you hadn’t realized it.”
Elvis reached out and pressed her smooth shoulders, pushing her directly against the
wall. And placed his right hand on the wall, with his left hand caging her. “How dare you
talk to me like this?.”
Olive was trapped in his arms. She knew he could be rude if he had to, she replied
softly, “I didn’t mean to.”
“What do you mean by helping me just now? Mrs Augustine, do you have the
conscientiousness of a wife? Ain’t it your duty to drive away the flies hovering around
your husband?”
Olive felt that what he said made some sense. “But, how do I know if you’re interested
in others? Gabriella just would have been the one to marry you. I’m just a substitute.”
Elvis furrowed his brows and leaned forward, “Did you really say that you aren’t
“No..I’m not jealous.”
“I heard that girls need to be coaxed when they’re jealous. Do you want me to coax
“Huh?” Elvis lowered his head and gently kisses her lips. Olive’s eyes lash shivered.
Elvis swallowed hard and asked, “Are you still jealous?”
Olive quickly shook her head.
Elvis laughed softly, “I got you. So you really were jealous?”
Olive realized she had been played into admitting her jealousy. She bit her under lips
lightly, then lowered her body and sneaked out from under his arm. And then took to her
Elvis licked his lips and followed her with a chuckle.


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