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Doted by My Billionaire Husband (Olive and Elvis) novel Chapter 17

Chapter 17 Royal Star Hotel
Olive entered into the hotel and was about taking the elevator upstairs, but she sighted
Pearl walking towards her.
“Olive, so you’re here? Take a look, this is the Royal star hotel. If it weren’t for
Gabriella’s birthday you would have never be able to set your feet here your entire life!”
Pearl said with a spiteful laugh.
Olive pressed the elevator button and sighed, “Whose pug is this? It ain’t locked in
chains. Where’s the owner of the pug?”
“How dare you!” Pearl’s expression had changed drastically, Pearl noticed the red lace
dress that Olive wore. She swiftly asked, “This is from the global luxury brand,
LUMINOUS. This is their newest design. Where did you get it from?”
Pearl was a true LUMINOUS fan. All the high–class ladies would give an arm just to be
able to purchase from the brand. And anymore who buys from them, didn’t hesitate to
show off.
Now seeing Olive clothed in the world most prestigious brand, it made her about to blow
Of course Olive was aware of the brand that was putting on. She contemplated on what
her reaction would be, if she found out that she didn’t just have one but dozens of it.
Looking at Pearl’s envious face, Olive moved into the elevator and smiled lightly. “Do
you really want to know how I got it? Nay, I ain’t gonna tell you.”
Pearls mood was completely ruined. She really abhorred Olive. Especially with Olive’s
beautiful body doing justice to the dress, she felt like ripping it off her skin.
Pearl rushed into the elevator before it closed. She tugged on Olive’s dress and tore it
with force.
Olive face suddenly turned cold, “Pearl, why the heck did you just tear my dress?
Pearl smile confidently, “Olive, I really don’t understand what you speak off. If you’re
saying I tore your dress, then bring the proof?”
Olive stepped forward and grabbed the edge of Pearl’s dress and also tore it.
“Olive!” Pearl gasped. She didn’t expect that Olive who was eloquent could also
Olive sneered, “No one ever reasons with a mad dog. The best thing to do is to pick a
stick and hit the dog. mercilessly!”
Pearl was about exploding!
The elevator door opened. Monica who was awaiting her quickly noticed her torn dress.
“Olive, what happened to your dress? Why are you attending a birthday party with a
torn dress? Come with me, I think we got some spare dresses. You can choose from
Olive trailed her into the room. There were beautiful dresses hanging in the wardrobe.
Olive glanced at it. The dress in the maid’s hands was a pink princess dress, laced with
diamonds. It was also from
Olive picked up another dress “I don’t like that one. I’ll wear this instead.”
The maid said anxiously. “Miss Olive, this dress is much better than the one you picked.
You should go for this.
Olive looked at the maid and said, “It’s just a dress right? Why are you worried about?”
When Olive stared at her, she felt a little guilty. Olive’s eyes were so pure and pretty.
“I’m not worried miss, I just want you to dress beautifully to the party. “The maid replied
with a smile.
“Thanks, let me have it. I’ll just go on and change, could you please wait outside?”
At the party. Patrick had really spent a lot of money into the event. He invited most of
LA’s celebrities and CEOS. Gabriella was surrounded by her friends. When she saw
Monica descending the stairs, she moved to her and asked in a low voice, “What’s the
matter? Did she wear the dress?”
Monica nodded with a smile on her face, “Yes, she did.”
“That’s great. We’ve suffered enough from her. Today, she’s going to taste our wrath. It’s
a pity she’s about to be wear
a LUMINOUS brand, when I myself don’t have any.”
Monica nodded happily, “Don’t worry Gabby, mummy will get you a dress from
LUMINOUS after her reputation is
Gabriella was overjoyed, she clung to Monica and hugged tightly, “Thank you mum.”
“You’re welcome baby, get ready Olive will be here any moment, the show is about to
Gabriella returned to get friends. One of her friend’s asked, “Gabriella, I heard you
bought a LUMINOUS princess. dress. Why don’t you change into it? We wanna have a
“Yes, Gabriella, the dress must be so pretty.” Another concurred.
Gabriella laughed, “Don’t worry, I’ll change to it soon.”
Pearl pulled Gabriella’s hand and said, “Look, Olive is coming down.”
Olive really was descending the stairs. She was wearing the LUMINOUS dress. She
looked really stunning and elegant in the pink princess dress.
The hall which was filled with chatters suddenly became silent, as all eyes were fixated
on Olive.
Gabriella tugged on her fist. Although it was plan for her to wear the dress. She still
wished that Olive would suddenly disappear.


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