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Doted by My Billionaire Husband (Olive and Elvis) novel Chapter 19

The Substitute Bride: Doted by My billionaire Husband by Sumpto Midway
Chapter 19 Fiance
Monica being a veteran actress knew she had to salvage the situation and save her
already soiled reputation. She swallowed her pride and pulled Olive’s hand, “Olive we’re
sorry. It really is our fault…”
She took the initiative and admitted that she was wrong. If Olive forgave her, then the
situation would most likely.
cool off.
Olive understood the blackmailing game that Monica was trying play.
“I’ll just leave.” Olive muttered and honorably left the party.
Monica’s froze as she watched Olive exist the hall. She wasn’t just furious but greatly
On exiting the party hall. Olive brought her phone. She turned on her WiFi and her
phone beeped indicating messages from her chatting app.
“Did you ruin the event?” North had sent.
“Yes, I did!” Olive responded..
North and Olive were really best of friends.
When Olive returned to LA. She had requested North to watch over Monica’s activities.
Monica had used some connections to purchase the LUMINOUS dress.
Olive glanced at the time. Gabriella’s birthday party was to end soon. Although she
wasn’t aware of what Monica had planned, she had already asked North to replace
Monica’s order with an imitation.
North was one of the hottest actresses in the entertainment industry. She featured both
in global and national productions.
Popular brands didn’t hesitate to endorse her to their companies. She was the global
model of LUMINOUS, and the first to launch their products yearly. So it was quite easy
for her to change Monica’s order.
As she was planning to return the message, Olive heard a footsteps behind her and
then saw a handsome figure walked beside her. It was Derrick Domino!
The Domino’s family were one of the four wealthy families in LA. Back then, the
Domino’s and the Hart’s family were close friends. When Olive’s mother was still alive,
Olive was betrothed to Derrick
Derrick was wearing a British style trench coat, which was beautiful and soothing. He
stopped and stared at her.
Olive placed her phone in her bag and continued walking. She brushed past him and
made to leave.
But Derrick reached out and grabbed her carpus, “Olive, are you pretending not to know
Olive retrieved her wrist from his grip and said, “I have nothing to say to you.”
The memories from a decade ago were still fresh in Olive’s memory. Derrick testified to
seeing her push down her grandpa.
Derrick and Olive has known each other since infant. They were childhood sweethearts.
Olive’s mom liked Derrick a
In recent years, Derrick had become a prodigy in the business world. The Domino’s
corporation had monopolized the entire medical market, and had suddenly risen to
become one of LA’s four giants.
Derrick glanced at Olive. “Olive, you don’t wanna talk to me? Who do you wanna talk
to? Your sick husband in Red Villa?”
“Derrick, do not interfere in my personal life.” Olive warned, holding onto her bag.
“Olive, I’m your fiance.”
“After you sent me to the orphanage with your testimony?”
Olive couldn’t forget the feeling of being stabbed in the back by someone whom she
trusted. Derrick’s testimony had drastically changed the fate of her life.
Derrick frowned and the corner of his lips curved into a sinister arc. “Olive, why did you
marry that sick man in Red Villa? Can he satisfy you?”
Olive raiser her hand and slapped him hard across his face. The atmosphere became
silent and stiff.
Olive clenched her fist and pointed at him, “Derrick, please respect yourself. Let’s keep
the good memories we have of each other.”
Derrick turned his face and his expression became gloomy and cold, “Olive, remember
that you’re no longer at virgin. I don’t want ragged shoes worn by others.”
Olive was convinced that Derrick was a bit bunkers. If he classified her as being
ragged, what would she tag him. who had changed multiple girlfriends over the past
“By the way. I already have a new fiance. And you know her too.”
Olive really had zero interest in whom his fiance was, but after hearing what he said,
Olive definitely had some
Gabriella walked over and rushed into Derrick’s arms. “Derrick love. You’re here! I’ve
been awaiting you for a long time. I thought you wouldn’t come…”
Derrick wrapped his hands around her waist and replied, “Silly! Why wouldn’t I attend
your party. I even got you a present”
Derrick let go of Gabriella as he dipped his right hand into the pocket of his coat. He
brought out a small box and opened it. He took out the shinny diamond necklace and
placed it on Gabriella’s neck. “Do you like it?”
Gabriella’s eyes lit up. The diamond necklace was worth thousands of dollars. “Like? I
love it! Thank you very much!” She stood on her tiptoe and kissed Derrick.
Patrick and Monica had joined them outside. Patrick let out a smile and said flatteringly,”
Derrick, Gabriella hast been waiting all day for you.”
Derrick held Gabriella’s hand fondly and said, “Uncle Patrick, I have already asked my
secretary to invest into Hart’s medical. If you need something else in future, you can let
me know.”
Hart’s medical financial problems were solved by Derrick.
“Thank you Derrick.“Patrick and Monica chorused in unison.
Monica’s face was beaming radiantly. She deliberately looked at Olive and said, “Olive,
I forgot to introduce you to Derrick. This is Derrick Domino, heir to the Domino’s
corporation, and now fiance of your sister, Gabriella. I’m certain you’ll give them your
blessings when the time comes.”
It all made sense as to how her father, Patrick was able to throw such exquisite party for
Olive glared at Derrick. And all she could see, was the lust for revenge in his


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