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Doted by My Billionaire Husband (Olive and Elvis) novel Chapter 31

Chapter 31 Fake Sisters
Pearl’s family weren’t so wealthy, but she herself was greedy for vane. Following
Gabriella, Gabriella was bound to give her some benefits, such as her worn out
designer bags and dresses. Gabriella would take her to high class bar like Kissland,
purchase expensive wine for her. Such drunken life was what she had always wanted.
Olive was absolutely right when she called her Gabriella’s pug. Pearl knew Gabriella
was a brainless scumbag, she was envious of all of Gabriella’s fortune. She didn’t like
There was also Olive who she hated even more. In her opinion, she expected Olive to
be lower then her, but Olive lived her life so beautifully and brilliantly.
Pearl drank two glasses of the expensive wine. Just as she was savoring the strong
taste of the wine, Derrick walked
When she saw Derrick, Pearl quickly stood up.
“Young master Domino, why are you here?”
Derrick glanced the room, but didn’t see Olive who had invited him. His gaze fell on
Pearl’s face.
“Where’s Olive?”
Pearl didn’t dare to look directly at Derrick’s handsome face. Every Cinderella would
imagine that one day her
everyone envied. prince charming would arrive and fall in love with her. And make her a
princess that
Derrick was one of the four giants, he was gentle and handsome. A perfect prince
charming. Whenever Derrick and Gabriella were together. Pearl fantasized about being
able to replace Gabriella.
Pearl liked Derrick
This was the first time the two of them had been alone. Pearl’s heart pounded fast. She
looked at Derrick,
“Mr Derrick, Olive went out just now with Gabriella.”
Derrick frowned and sat on the sofa.
“Then I’ll wait here.”
Derrick didn’t look at Pearl again, he took out his phone from his pocket and went
through it.
Pearl heard her heart pounding heavily. She stared at Derrick’s beautiful face with
admiration, and hurriedly poured a glass of red wine for him,
“Mr Derrick, have a drink.”
Pearl walked over and handed the wine to him. Being tipsy and also standing in front of
the person she liked, Pearl sprained her foot and threw herself into Derrick’s arm.
Gabriella followed Olive out, but Olive didn’t have anything to say to her. She had just
kept on walking on her own.
“Olive, what exactly are you trying to say?” Gabriella was losing her patience.
Olive walked to the bathroom door and smiled,
“I just wanted you to accompany me to the bathroom.”
Gabriella was stunned realizing that she had been tricked by Olive, she immediately
“Olive, are you mentally ill?”
Gabriella turned around and went to the private room.
Gabriella pushed open the door of the private room and walked in.
“What the…”
Gabriella’s voice had vanished. Pearl was in Derrick’s arm and was looking at Derrick’s
handsome face.
The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband(Update Daily)
Chanter 31 Fake Sisters
The scene really was ambiguous.
Gabriella was startled. Her anger had already burned her brain. She immediately
“Pearl, what are you doing?”
Hearing Gabriella’s voice, Pearl quickly stood up and her eyes met Gabriella’s terrifying
Pearl was so frightened that she shivered. Gabriella’s face was furious and it definitely
wasn’t for nothing.
Derrick had already stood up. There was no change in expression on his face. To him it
was normal for women to pounce on him.
“Gabriella, where’s Olive?” He asked.
Gabriella’s face was burning in rage, but she forced a smile at Derrick and said,
“Derrick, why are looking for Olive? She’s in the bathroom.”
“I need to talk to her regarding something.” With that, Derrick exited the room.
It was only Gabriella and Pearl left in the room. The tipsiness had vanished from Pearl’s
eyes. She swiftly explained, “Gabriella, I can explain…”
Gabriella rushed forward and slapped Pearl hard across her face.
Pearl fell to the ground and was very embarrassed,
“Gabriella, that wasn’t intentional. Nothing happened.
Gabriella sneered, she got hold of Pearl’s hair,
“Of course nothing happened, because I had came back in time, Pearl you cheap slut,
you were trying to seduce my fiance, right?”
As she spoke, Gabriella dragged Pearl by her hair into the corridor, and began stripping
her clothes.
“Don’t you like to seduce men? I’ll strip you off right now. Hey, everyone look! This
shameless bitch tried seducing my fiance!”
Gabriella’s shout had attracted people. In no time, they had gathered.
The men in the bar were particularly excited by the scenario because Pearl was very
Gabriella was very pungent. She had already torn off her clothes, revealing alot of her
beauty. Now the men around stared at her with malicious intent.
Pearl felt very ashamed. Her body was aching, and the humiliation and embarrassment
took a toll on her as she cried.
“Gabriella, let me go. Don’t touch me…” She tried her best to protect her clothes, as
she cried and begged for mercy.
Gabriella herself was tired of hitting her, she fiercely kicked her hard on the stomach,
“You bitch, it’s best to stay away from me from henceforth, or else, I’ll beat you to
death!” Gabriella walked away arrogantly.
Pearl curled up on the ground and tried her best to cover her body. At this moment, a
man touched her and smiled.
“You’re quite beautiful. How much do you charge for a night?”
Pearl was so frightened that she cried bitterly and tried her best to avoid the dirty hands
that were reaching out to
“Get out of my way, don’t touch me!”
A coat was dropped over her shoulders, covering up all her embarrassment. Pearl
looked up, it was Patrick Hart, Gabriella’s dad.
Patrick looked at Pearl and questioned.
“Aren’t you Gabriella’s best friend? Why are you dressed this way?
The onlookers quickly recognized Patrick and greeted him politely,
“Sir Hart, long time no see.”
Patrick was in his forties. In his younger years, he really was handsome. Otherwise
Monica wouldn’t have considered him.
Patrick Said,
“Everyone, I do know this girl. Please leave.”
“Mr Hart has spoken, we’ll leave.” In no time, the crowd has dispersed.


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