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The Alpha and His Contract Luna (Lauren) novel Chapter 141

Today was a sort of party to officially welcome me to the pack. I was nervous because I was still not sure about Darren. We haven’t gotten a chance to talk since he told me the truth of his past with Lauren.

The air between us has been so awkward that it is almost painful to be around him. He looks at me in hopelessness. As if he already decided that there was no way I would give him a chance. I wanted to assure him but I don’t know how. Not when I haven’t yet made a decision.

“You feel that?” Raya asks, pulling me from my negative thoughts.

I know what she was implying. Since this day started I just had a bad feeling. Like something terrible was going to happen. I tried shaking it off but it was useless. It kept throughout the day making it almost impossible to focus.

“I can’t wait to see what terrible fate awaits you today” she continues when I don’t reply. Smirking in a devious wolfish way.

I sigh. Alice still hasn’t been able to pinpoint what exactly was wrong with Raya. More tests were needed but I felt like we were running out of time. Every day that passed without a tangible diagnosis, the more Raya’s sanity slipped.

“Please behave today” I plead.

There were going to be a lot of people present today and the last thing I needed was Raya losing control. Not only would the pack think I’m incapable of being Luna but also it would easily reach the council of elders.

“Can’t make any promises” she says in a sing-song voice before slinking to the back of my mind.

I take a deep breath and leave the safety of my room. My friends were going to be here and so were Ren and Sebastian. I was dying to see Ren.

“You ready?” Darren asks once I get downstairs.

I stare at him. I still can't believe that he loves me. That he fell in love with me even though I was broken.

Pushing those thoughts away, I focus.

I was nervous about meeting the rest of the pack. I didn’t know what to expect and that terrified me completely.

“Yes, let’s do this”

He smiles at my false bravado. With this hand on my lower back, he leads me towards the backyard. The moment we get outside everyone quiets and they turn to face us.

“I want to take this opportunity to welcome everyone to this special party specifically organized to welcome my mate and Luna to the pack. Thank you for coming in numbers to show your support. I hope that you enjoy yourselves” he says. His voice deep and rich, reaching to every corner of the big backyard.

Once he’s done cheers, claps and howls erupt. Excitement buzzes through the air. As everyone looks forward to a night of partying.

Darren takes my hand and begins to introduce me to the higher ranks in his pack. The only ones I was familiar with were his parents, Claire and Brent and lastly Lucy who for obvious reasons wasn’t present.

Just like Sebastian, he didn’t have a gamma but some Alpha’s do. He introduced me to his enforcers, tracker, head warrior and the list goes on.

There were a lot of names to remember after just one night but I was sure I would afterwards. After the introductions were done, we head on and greet his parents.

Edward was excited and Kate was civil unlike last time. It was going to take time but I was sure that I would convince her that I wasn’t going to break her son’s heart.

‘That statement implies that you’re planning to stay with Darren’ a voice whispers in the back of my mind.

Maybe I was. At this point I wasn’t sure but I wouldn’t worry about that tonight. Tonight was for letting loose and celebrating. I will worry about everything tomorrow.

After the parents, we go to our friends. We receive congratulations from them and hugs. Iris was with the other kids. She and Colton seemed happy to have been reunited. Krystal was with Jax and other teenagers.

As the night progressed I sought out Ren. I find her sitting at a secluded bench feeding Rhett. Tessa was with her dad, who seemed to be smitten with his baby girl. Not that he didn’t adore Rhett but he already had a special bond with Tess. She even calmed down only when her father held her.

“Something tells me you need some insight to something, I’m just not sure what it is” Ren says the moment I sit down next to her.

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