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The Alpha and His Contract Luna (Lauren) novel Chapter 143


I look at the man that has haunted my dreams for fifteen years. I feel the familiar fear that I used to rush through me. My bones lock and my heart constrict. I’m no longer in the room with him and Alice. Instead I’m back in the lab. Back to those times when he drugged and raped me.

“How?” I ask. My voice shaky.

He died. He was supposed to be dead, but here he is. Very much alive.

I stare at him trying to get my brain to work. To piece things together. One side of his face and neck is burned. There is nothing there but marred and scarred skin. It’s raised and bunched up. It looks ugly. He is also bald on that side. If he turns and hides the other side. You wouldn’t be able to tell that it is him.

“How am I alive or how am I here with dear Alice?” he asks. His voice deeper than I remember.

I’m hit with another memory. His groans of pleasure as he released inside me. The memory makes me want to puke all over both of them. I turn to look at Alice. Still unable to believe that she betrayed me.

I still can't even wrap up my mind how she and Daniel are in this together. I know she knows him from what I’ve told her about him but for her to work with him then it means she knows him more than I told her.

“Both” I answer, my eyes shifting between him and her.

Daniels smiles. Or what you would imagine a semblance of a smile looks like.

“Now that, my love, is a long story” he says and I see Alice flinch a little.

I wonder why. Is it because there is something more between them? How the hell did they even meet? And how the fuck is he still alive.

“First of all, I’m not your love…and beside, the fact that you kidnapped me means you plan to hold me here for a while meaning we have time”

My voice came out assured but I was shaking inside. I mean, the man of nightmares is alive and he just kidnapped me. I won’t let them see how scared I am though. I won’t give them the satisfaction of seeing me tremble in fear.

He rushes to me at an inhuman speed and grabs my jaw. Bringing me close to his face.

“I told you you’re mine, Mayra. Remember that?.”

He places a kiss on my lips and the need to vomit takes over. I felt disgusted and violated. I looked at Alice and see pain there. Pain I didn’t understand.

“Now, I want you to be still while I tell you everything. It’s going to blow your mind at what I’ve managed to accomplish”

I let out a sarcastic laugh. “It’s not like I can go anywhere with silver chains tied to my wrists and ankles”

“Great…Alice, be a good girl and get me a chair” he snaps his fingers and Alice rushes to get him one.

I stare at her in astonishment. Is this the same woman who sat with me as I narrated what I had been through? Is she the same woman that told me that I had to be strong? Why would she let a piece of shit dictate her? She was a werewolf for fucks sake.

“Where to begin” he starts. “Ah, I will begin on the night that your people attacked my lab and took what was mine. It was an agonizing and painful night. I mean we had no idea that we would be found let alone attacked.

The government didn’t even know about us. Those scientists were so foolish thinking that it was a government project and that I was just a benefactor.

I can’t say that I shed a tear when they were killed I honestly didn’t give a fuck. I begged you to help me but you didn’t and I understand that it was because you were weak. You couldn’t help anyone”

What the hell? Was this man delusional? I didn’t help him because I hated him. Because I wanted him to die, not because I couldn’t.

He continued. “After you left me, I crawled and pushed myself to get out. I knew the building would blow anytime and while your people were distracted with saving the remaining wolves, I took that opportunity to escape.

I was sure that if they found me they wouldn’t let me live and I couldn’t let you live all alone with the pain of losing me. It was terrible honestly, slithering through the fire while you were already burnt. I got out just in time to witness my building blow up”

I’ve never wanted to hit anyone like I did right now. The guy was fucked up in the head and it showed. He actually believed that I would shed a tear if he died. Believed that I cared for him and that I felt the same. It was disturbing.

“I waited until everyone left. I don’t even know how no one noticed that someone had escaped death. I managed to get out of the field and into the forest. I passed out after that and when I woke up, I was in a house. Turns out Alice found me during her morning runs and saved me”

So that’s how they met. But still, something didn’t add up.

I face Alice who was leaning against the wall.

“Why would you save him? Given the fact that you took him home instead of a hospital meant that you knew or suspected that he was one of the humans that held us captive. Why didn’t you hand him over to the council?” I ask her. Anger lacing my voice.

This was her fucking fault. She should have killed him when she found him instead she helped him.

“He is my mate. I couldn’t do that to him” she says in a soft and almost childlike voice.

Saying I was shocked would be an understatement. My mind was blown away. I just couldn’t believe it. Was the moon goddess playing a trick or something? Why would she mate a man who harmed her children to one of her own? It didn’t make any sense.

“She’s a darling. She nursed me back to health. I told her to keep her ears open at the hospital. I wanted to know everything concerning you. When she found out that you were going into therapy, we moved things around and she was assigned to you. I had to have sights on you until I was strong enough to take you back”

Doesn’t Alice have any dignity? How could she tolerate a man who was using her to get another woman. A woman she knows he raped?

“You have a mate Daniel. Alice is your mate” I tell him through clenched teeth.

He shrugs his shoulders as if he isn’t concerned by that at all.

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