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The Alpha and His Contract Luna (Lauren) novel Chapter 144


I open my eyes and I’m no longer in the dark room. I’m in a field.

I look around trying to figure out how the hell I got here. Was I dead? Was this paradise? The last thing I remember was the excruciating pain caused by the silver running through my veins. I must have died. That was the only explanation.

The field was beautiful. The grass was greener than I have ever seen. The flowers bloomed and the air was cleaner. The sun was shining and the sky was blue. It was peaceful and I could imagine myself spending eternity here.

I shake my head at those thoughts. No matter how beautiful this place was, I wasn’t ready to die. I wasn’t ready to leave my loved ones behind. I wasn’t ready to leave Darren and Iris. I wanted a life with them. A future where we were all happy.

I needed to find a way out. Surely, if this was paradise then there was someone I could talk to. Someone who runs the place.

I was about to turn when a menacing growl halts my steps. I look up and my eye clash with the gaze of a werewolf. It looked feral, unhinged, and rabid. Its eyes were unfocused and there was foam around its mouth.

Before I can do anything, it pounces on me. Its sharp teeth digging into my side. I scream. The pain is excruciating. I grab its matted fur trying to pull it off me but it’s no use. It holds on, its teeth digging further into me.

It bites anywhere it can and that is basically everywhere. I call Raya but she doesn’t respond. There wasn’t going to be help coming for me this time. I was on my own.

With every bit of strength I have, I pull it off and kick it. It flies away from me. I get up on shaky legs. Everything hurts.

“Stay away from me” I shout as I watch it get back on its paws.

It stops for a while as if my voice penetrated it but then it shakes its head and slowly walks toward me as I stumble back. I didn’t want to be eaten alive but was I really alive? And wasn’t paradise supposed to be peaceful and happy.

“Stay back” I shout again.

There was something in its yellow eyes. Something familiar. Despite how crazed it looked, its eyes were oddly familiar. Like I’ve seen them before.

“Raya?” it hits me just as she jumps on me again.

I don’t get time to react because she is on my chest, snapping her jaw at me. I hold her neck and keep her teeth from sinking anywhere near my throat.

“Raya please, listen to me” I plead.

I remember what Alice told me. The bitch betrayed me but what she said made sense. I needed to get through to Raya. This state she was in just proved how far gone she was.

She doesn’t listen to me. Instead she continues trying to snap my head off. I manage to flip her around and instead of pushing her from me, I hold her tightly in my arms refusing to let her go. I wanted to comfort her. To bring her back to herself.

“Remember when you first came to me?” I start. “It was after mother slapped me because I had broken an expensive vase”

My mother and father hated each other. When they met, my dad was in love with someone else. Mother on the other hand had her eyes on another Alpha. My grandfather forced my father to take my mother as a mate. He swore that he wouldn’t surrender the Alpha title to him if he didn’t mark his fated.

Father loved the woman but he loved his position more so he accepted the terms of my grandfather. When my mother refused him, he marked her against her will. He wanted his title and he wasn’t going to let my mother’s defiance get in the way of that.

They did everything they could to hurt each other for years until I was born. You’re probably wondering how it is they had me if they hated each other. My grandad demanded an heir. Given they couldn’t stand each other, sleeping together was out of the question so they settled on artificial insemination.

I was born just as my mother found out that father had been having an affair with the woman he loved. In a fit of rage she killed the woman. Father has never been the same since then. Since then he has never bothered to keep his affairs secret or the fact that he despised my mother and mother has been nothing but a bitch.

To put it mildly, they hated me because none of them wanted me. I was the symbol of a union that none of them wanted. Father mostly just ignored me and treated me like I was nothing. Like I didn’t exist. Mother was the worst because she used to hit me.

I shake myself from those thoughts and focus on Raya. Nothing happens. She still struggles in my arms. Biting and clawing me but I refuse to give up. I continue sharing all the wonderful memories we had together. The love she showed and how amazing she was.

I could feel myself getting weaker. I was bleeding in multiple places but I couldn’t give up not yet.

Finally after what seems like forever she quiets down and relaxes in my arms. I watch with tears as she transforms back to the Raya I know. Her brownish coat is soft to the touch. Her eyes are back to normal and she wasn’t foaming anymore.

“I love you Raya, more than you know” I cry out. “And I’m so sorry for being selfish. I should have seen your pain. I should have been there for you instead of trying to lock you out. I should have done everything in my power to help you. I’m so sorry.”

She buries her head in my hair. “That’s all I ever wanted to hear you say. I’m also sorry for the trouble I caused you. Sorry that I didn’t try harder. I love you my beautiful human and I wish I could stay with you but I can’t.”

“What do you mean?” I was frozen as her last words penetrate my mind.

“I’m tired May. So so tired. Here in this place you’ve helped me get myself back but it can’t be like that in the real world. I’m too far gone and there’s nothing anyone can do for me”

“No…you can’t leave me. I won’t let you leave me” I shout, pain slicing my heart.

“I will always be with you, just not in the real world. Always remember how much I love you. You’re the best human a wolf could ask for. Take care of Iris and love her unconditionally. Be happy with Darren and live life to the fullest. I love you May”

Tears fall down my face. My heart was breaking. I didn’t want her to die. I didn’t want to live without her.

“Please don’t leave me”

“It’s time May” she says weakly.

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